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York City

Posted on Thursday, November 25, 2010 in Mens Clothing

York City
York City

Gourmet hamburgers are notches above fast food burgers with their nondescript and sometimes unidentifiable meat, soggy bun, limp lettuce and unripe tomato. Gourmet hamburgers use freshly ground round or sirloin, grilled to a sizzling crust on the outside while still juicy on the inside. Toppings are seemingly endless. And where else would you find gourmet hamburger restaurants except New York City?

Tiny but Tasty

Tucked away in the corner of the Le Parker Meridien Hotel, The Burger Joint serves up grilled-to-order burgers. The restaurant is tiny with a limited menu — just burgers and fries. That focus means the burgers have to be the best. Top yours with good old fashioned ketchup, mustard and mayo or keep it pristine so the full flavor of the meat comes through.

Retro Restaurant

The Shake Shack started in New York City and has branched out to other locations. The original Shake Shack looks like it was lifted from a 1950’s Elvis movie. You almost expect to see poodle skirts and bobby socks. While the vibe is retro the burgers are definitely updated. Seating is outside surrounding the shack. The other option is takeout. The Black Angus beef is all natural. Try the ShackBurger topped with American Cheese, tomato and lettuce. Beer and wine is served as are soft drinks, ice cream, fries and hotdogs.

Most Expensive

If you think of a hamburger as a fast, filling and reasonably priced lunch you might want to think again. The Wall Street Burger Shop has what they say is the most expensive hamburger in the world at $175, 2011 prices. Kobe beef burgers bring the hamburger to whole other level, both taste wise and wallet wise. The burger served at The Wall Street Burger Shop is Kobe beef stuffed with black truffles, lots of black truffles, foie gras and garnished with gold leaf. It’s only served during truffle season so don’t expect to find it on the everyday all-day menu. Regular burgers start at $4 at the counter.

Second Most Expensive

Not to be outdone, Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro Moderne serves the second most expensive burger. The db burger royale is a modest $75 without shaved black truffles, $150 with black truffles as of 2011. If that’s still out of your price range, try the original db burger stuffed with the meat of braised short ribs, served on a toasted bun and a side of fries. It’s touts a much budget friendlier price tag of $32.

Burgers go Glam

New York doesn’t want for restaurants and that goes for gourmet hamburger joints. Try Pop Burger, a classy sophisticated burger joint, with burgers at $12. Fries and onion rings are extra. Burgers are served at the counter and in the lounge area, along with a full dinner menu.

Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books. She loves to cook healthy dinner recipes and share her grilling tips

What is Actually New York City. Explain to me how the city can be in 5 different counties?

I’m very confused about the New York City. From my experience, a city has to be in one county…how is it that New York has 5 burroughs each in a seperate county? Here’s my question…if I live in Queens county, do I write Queens, New York for my address or New York City? Is Manhattan actually New York City and the other borroughs suburbs that call themselves New York City? Like Pasadena residence like to say they live in L.A.?

New York City, actually the correct name is “The City of New York”, was formed in 1898 with the merger of 5 counties, not 5 boroughs (the boroughs & counties are different) like most people think. The 5 Counties are: New York County, Kings County, Queens County, Bronx County, & Richmond County. All 5 counties combined make up The City of New York. Most people only know Manhattan, but its all 5 counties that make up The City of New York. The Suburbs would be Long Island, parts of Connecticut, Yonkers, New Jersey, etc.

New York County Includes –> The entire Borough of Manhattan plus Roosevelt Island, Randall’s Island, Ward’s Island, Governors Island, Liberty Island, Ellis Island, U Thant Island, and a small section of the borough of The Bronx.

Bronx County –> Almost the entire borough of The Bronx plus City Island, and Hart Island. By the way the county name is “Bronx”, the borough name is “The Bronx”

Queens County –> Largest of the 5 counties. All of the borough of Queens plus several Islands part of Gateway National Park.

Kings County –> Most Populated of the 5 counties. All of the Borough of Brooklyn, plus several small islands.

Richmond County –> The Least populated county. All of Staten Island plus The Isle of Meadows, Prall’s Island, Shooters Island, Swinburne Island, & Hoffman Island.

Basically The City of New York is set up like a small USA. You have 1 mayor for the entire city (kind of like the president). Each borough has a Borough President (kind of like a governor of a state). The Borough Presidents do not really have any power, they are basically just a figure head.

When you mail a letter to New York City, it will never get there if you addressed it New York City, NY LOL. You need to know where in NY it is going and each borough you address not only differently but some you go by county name, others borough name, others the neighborhood name.

So to mail a letter to Manhattan you would address it to either Manhattan, NY plus the zip or NY, NY plus the zip. NY, NY is more common. The NY, NY stand for the county name plus the state.

To mail a letter to The Bronx, you address it Bronx, NY plus the zip. For the Bronx you use the county name without the “The” in front of Bronx.

To mail a Letter to either Brooklyn or Staten Island you use the borough names, not the county names. So would be Brooklyn, NY NOT Kings, NY. The same for Staten Island would be Staten Island, NY not Richmond NY.

Now Queens is unique when mailing a letter. The reason being, before Queens became part of the City of New York, each of Queen’s neighborhoods were individual cities, and the custom of mailing to that city continued after Queens became part of NYC. So to mail to Queens you would address it to Flushing, NY, or White Stone, or whatever the neighborhood name is.

So to sum it up. NYC is configured differently than any other city in USA. Most US cities are configured this way: the state then the county and lastly the actual city. New York is completely different. It’s the state then the city then 5 counties then 5 boroughs then lastly 100’s of individual neighborhoods.

I know it’s confusing, but its just 1 huge city, the boroughs might be prideful to those who live in that borough, and each borough has its own charm, but its 1 city and it doesn’t matter if you live in mid town Manhattan or the outer parts of Queens and Staten Island that looks like the middle of a forest, it’s still 1 city.

Also, when you live in the area, when you hear people say they are going to “the city”, even if you are in Brooklyn when you hear that and you are in NYC, it means you are going to Manhattan. It’s an expression that started back in the 1800’s before there was a NYC. Also the reason it’s called “The Bronx” is in the 1600’s what’s now the borough was owned by a family called “Bronck” and people would say they were going to the Bronck’s to visit. As time went on the spelling changed from Bronck to Bronx, but the “The” remained, but only for the borough name you say “The” not the county name.

York, England: England’s Second City

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