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Wristband Cuff

Posted on Monday, December 20, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Wristband Cuff
Wristband Cuff

Aloe vera juice comes from the gel that is inside the thick succulent leaves of the plant.

This juice is taken as a drink which allows the aloe vera to work from the inside out. Despite the lack of formal studies on the actual benefits the juice, people have been taking it as a daily food supplement for hundreds of years and this method of internal healing is still very popular.

People drink aloe vera for several health reasons. It assists in detoxifying the liver and soothing the colon, as well as cleansing the bloodstream. Many people who suffer from a variety of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ulcerative colitis have found tremendous relief by taking a small quantity of aloe vera juice on a daily basis. Another of the benefits of this juice is that it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal qualities so it actually helps the body to prevent many illnesses.

A lot of people drink aloe juice just because they feel it gives them a general sense of health and well being and more energy.

One of the downsides that a lot of people find with drinking aloe is that it tastes very bitter, and once opened it has to be consumed fairly quickly, because deterioration sets in when the juice becomes exposed to the air. There is a very pure form of aloe vera now available in the form of capsules, which give you all the benefits of the juice in a small capsule that you can carry with you.

These new Aloeride aloe vera capsules allow you to safely detoxify and heal your body from the inside out, and you get the same benefits of drinking 4 ounces of juice or gel without the horrible taste. In fact, these capsules are one of the most superior forms of aloe vera available, making them a very welcome alternative to aloe vera juice.

For more information on aloe vera for ulcerative colitis try visiting where you will find an abundance of information on the many uses of Aloeride aloe vera.

Please help! My boyfriend came home last night with?

makeup on his cuff and a Pink paper wristband on his arm saying PENTHOUSE….I’ve tried google ..but have had no luck. I know he went to a strip place but the band doesn’t come from there so I need to know if anyone knows where this band could have come from.??? London area.
I did ask him – but he doesn;t rememeber….very drunk!! So he says!


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