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Woven Silk

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Woven Silk
Woven Silk

if a humanoid being were composed of densely woven spider silk?

if a humanoid being were composed of densely woven spider silk how much ballistic and or edged protection would his or her flesh provide if he or she was 6ft 220 lbs or 7 ft 260lbs ?
Spider silk, perhaps to the surprise of people outside of the industry, is three times tougher than Kevlar®. Its superior ability to elongate allows it to absorb more energy in breaking and, theoretically, slow down a projectile more effectively. If it could be incorporated into the Army’s protective clothing, it could provide a better barrier to fragmentation. But as a team of researchers from NRDEC’s Science and Technology Directorate knows, until the availability of spider silk is increased, that kind of implementation is still far down the road

What is your question? You have two question marks without really asking anything.

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