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Wool Hickory

Posted on Sunday, August 22, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Wool Hickory
Wool Hickory

hiphop or gansta rap whats best?

got yo in my trap
now sucker read my rap
im am jayvder on the dark side
hoes reconize me nation wide

rock around the clock

12 oclock i rob the store
cash is what a brothers looking for
flowing like niga rhymin
mother !!@@5 turned on the light bad timing
decided to act all shady
yo bro im the cleaning lady
indian brother didnt swallow the line
couldnt get out on time
looked over i prayed to vishnu
gonna bust a cap in that hindu
paper bag for a disguise
forgot to poke out some eyes
spilling lead all over the place
at least the sucker cant make my face
12 0 clock in the kwiki mmart store
mother@## 3rd world war
hickory dickory dock
busten up the stock
red light blue light flashin
never gattin the cash in
bustin old ladies for walkin slow
karmas putting me on the row

my album life style of a player

ba ba black sheep have yo any wool
no mother %@#$(! i have stuff all

Both…. nice one.

Nursery Rhymes – Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall – Kids Animation

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