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Wool Black

Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Wool Black
Wool Black

Can you dye a blue wool coat, in your washing machine? I’m wanting to dye it black.?

I have a blue wool coat and want to dye it black. Is there a professional that does this or can I do it myself in my own washing machine? And, if I can, is there a danger of shrinkage? Thank you.

Yes you can. I’ve done it before myself. I used ‘ritdye’ (the only brand I could ever find) found in most stores and followed the directions. The instructions say to also use 1 cup of salt in the dye wash for better color staying power. First, for wool only use cold water to prevent shrinkage. For small loads (one coat), I set the washing machine to medium water level, used the entire contents of 1 ritdye box (maybe 2 boxes to really make it black), 1 cup of salt, and then run the dye load through a complete wash & rinse cycle. If it’s a really delicate coat, use the delicate cycle and hang up the coat to dry. To prevent color from unintentionally getting on anything else, I run the dye load through a normal wash cycle with normal detergent. When I checked the machine during the wash, the water was clear. To clear my washing machine of any possible dye residue, I run the washer empty of clothes through an entire wash cycle with detergent, then don’t wash whites for 2 or 3 more normal wash cycles. I’ve never had dye come up on anything following this routine. The results even impressed by mother-in-law. Check for more advice.

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