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Womans Belt

Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Womans Belt
Womans Belt

why did the wwe got rid of the hardcore championship?

i know it was the attitude era and they unfide it but they where some of the most entertaining matches they should of got rid of the womans belt cuase unlike tna wwe womans division suck tna wwe i just selling sex if i wanna see sexims i could wath porn there just finding randon woman off the street (diva shearch)

The Hardcore Championship was a disgrace to championships.

If people are holding the title more than a couple of times in a month, then the title is a major disappointment. Raven held it 27 times! Crash Holly held it 22 times! One of the Godfather’s H*s held the title as well! That title had no prestige and it was a joke title, more of a joke then the Drinking Championship in TNA.

If the WWE was just selling sex with the Women’s Division, why is Beth Phoenix, a person a lot of wrestling fans don’t find attractive, the champion? The women in the WWE need representation as well, and their title means more than a joke title like the Hardcore Championship.

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