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Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 in Mens Clothing

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Pen Testing – AKA Penetration Test or Pentest – is not the same as what is termed a ‘Vulnerability Assessment’. While both are associated with IT Security Testing the latter is usually carried out by a scanning tool – All too often these two System Security processes are confused: And this can be of great detriment to the Company. Why is that? Primarily because the results returned by automated scanning tools can be incomplete and unreliable: Unfortunately, some tools routinely fail to detect vulnerabilities: -As well as return false negatives. Therefore, it is vital that results are verified.

A Pentest IT Security Expert can verify the results returned from a Vulnerability Assessment: Ensuring the information is reliable. In addition a Pentest IT Security Expert can analyse and advise the Company with regards to any areas of concern brought to light within those reports. Indeed, in this way a Vulnerability Assessment can become far more valuable. Even so Penetration Testing can provide more in-depth and reliable reports which can give a Company great insight with regards to the functionality and the security of their systems.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The PCI DSS calls for some Companies to carry out routine Penetration Testing and/or a Vulnerability Assessment performed by an Industry Approved Scanning Tool. While the results of approved tools may be reliable and provide good insight, they only test for identified vulnerabilities: Therefore lack the creative intuition of a professional Pen Testing Expert. A Penetration Testing Expert uses their IT Security experience and creative intuition as well as a combination of clever methodologies, scripts and scanning tools to test the systems code and vulnerability to attack.

What It Takes

Pen Testing (Pen Test) comes in many forms: Whitebox, Blackbox and Greybox – Which each describe various Penetration Test design methodologies. They all require the knowledge to understand what makes code secure and/or insecure: A range of methodologies and tools: As well as the ability to think like and realise what makes a Hacker tick. Possessing one of these requirements simply isn’t enough – It takes a combination of the three to carry out effective Pen Testing: Particularly if Gray or Black Box Testing is the requirement. Indeed, this is one of those instances when it is invariably a case of…leaving it to the professionals…

Murray IT Security Services can provide a Pentest expert. Offering a range of IT Security Services our IT Security Experts can perform many levels of Pen Testing – White, Black and many areas of Grey. Our reports are informative and can help a Company ensure they are focusing their IT Security budget in the right areas; As well as keep their systems optimised and secure. Contact Murray IT

Why R light complexion black men, bi-racial (wht/blk), and white men attracted to me?

I am dark skin black woman. I attended a prodomintaly white high school. All of the black boys at school dated white girls. If she was black she was light or mixed. I’ve been subject to alot teasing, from the black boys and the females. I was too black & my hair too thick. The boys often teased me in front of thier dates. More than embrassed I was confused. They too would be the same complextion or not too light thier selves. Some of them I’ve seen thier mother or sister and we were the same complextion. How could they be so harsh to me? And what did thier date think to see them bash me? I do not understand the logic except to be mean. If their white dates accpted them why did they “my own”, not accept me?
As I’m now grown I’ve been noticed that it is the blk men, mixed & wht men that desire to court me. I find this ironic. I’ve come to learn I am eye candy for these men. Why is that?

well i dont think its a matter of YOU personally but the issue that lighter, medium or white skin is suppose to represent femeninity and beauty… and darker skin is suppose to represent masculinity and so if it was a male that had darker skin no one would make such a big deal about it, and im talkin slavery days by the way NOT now. SO my point is, black people have kept this mentality and you have the media, their parents and white people, to thank for this…. as people are stepping into the 21’s centry we are more willing to accept other peoples differens regardless of skin color and complexion, so yes now that were in the 21’s centry people dont care that your dark skinned and alot of the men regradless of race are more accepting of that. So dont take all this personallly and just look at it as the world is finnally changing. Im biracial and im medium brown skinned not “light skinned” however my sister, kesha is light skinned, anyways what im trying to say is first thing people see when they see me is a black girl, they dont see my white side in me so i always have to let them know that im biracial… and their like really?!? im like yah… then they see my twin sister who looks exacally like me but is a little bit lighter (which people call light skinned) their like oh you are… haha… im more of a caramelle skin color like halle berry. but any who… i hope i helped you out~


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