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White Tuxedo

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 in Mens Clothing

White Tuxedo
White Tuxedo

White Tuxedo for Groom, What about Groomsmen?

So I am getting married In November and I am having a winter wonderland wedding ( not red and green ) my colours are silver and ice blue and white. I really want my fiancee to wear a white tuxedo. But if my fiancee wears a white tuxedo then what colour would the groomsmen wear? Black? Wouldn’t that look funny? Anyone ever been to a wedding where the groom is wearing a white tux, If so what were the groomsmen wearing? Thanks a bunch!

I like the groom to stand out a little. I’d have the groomsmen in white jackets and black pants. Or white vest, white tie, and black tux. You could also see if the vests offered are close enough to your bridesmaids dresses. It’s fine to have the groom in head to toe white and the groomsmen in white suits but blue or silver vests and ties.

One thing is that I’m not sure the ethnic background of your groomsmen. Really white guys look horrible in white suits. But if they are black or have a really nice tan I think it would look great.

You could also go a little more wild with something closer to a zoot suit–white but with pin stripes. But that’s not as traditional.

White Tux

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