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White Plain

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2009 in Mens Clothing

White Plain
White Plain

If you are thinking about colors for your wedding, do consider classic Black and White. They are so versatile and can be adapted to any style and theme. It is easy to dress these two colors up or down.

Flowers, crockery, cutlery and table linen all benefit from this color partnership. The beauty of planning for a black and white wedding is that this color scheme enhances both the most sophisticated and the most humble of materials.

Fine bone china and silver reach a new level of sophistication. Paper picnic ware and plastic cutlery instantly develop a cheerful smartness. White stoneware takes on a bistro air. And pretty mismatched china becomes a unified cottagey collection when teamed with black and white.

There is no need for specific black and white wedding supplies either. This is exactly where the versatility of Black and White becomes obvious. Those “plain white” items from the caterer are exactly what you need. Embrace all the regular white crockery, chairs, tents and flowers. And keep an eye out for “budget” items from discount stores. They’re just waiting for sassy black and white accessories.

The discount on black ink and plain card from the printer is tailor made for your black and white wedding stationery. Just add a black and white ribbon to a card with stock wedding graphics and you suddenly have something special.

Or better still – why not print your stationery and favors yourself? Because this is a perfect, foolproof, easy- and best of all – budget color scheme, it is ideal for crafters, printable crafts and do it yourself weddings.

These days the printing quality from desktop printers and the beautiful range of paper and cards make DIY wedding stationery a practical and frugal option for anyone. Combine that with the ease of dressing up plain white items and you clearly have a winner in a black and white wedding theme.


The Anni Arts ranges for printable crafts make professional graphic design and illustration available to crafters, do-it yourself-brides and anyone who wants to become more creative.

Anni Arts has beautiful designs for printables and scrapbooking for a black and white wedding theme: Black and White Wedding invitations, favors, boxes and other wedding crafts to print and easily make yourself.

Plus there is a free bragbook to download under Freebies and Ezine after subscribing. This article is one of many by the author on ideas for a Black and White Wedding Theme

If I send a gameboy color game in a plain white envelope without any packaging equipment, would it break?

I sold a few old Gameboy Color games on Amazon. I was wondering if I shipped them in a plain white envelope without any packaging materials(i.e. newspaper, or bubble wrap), would the game be busted from bouncing around before it even got to it’s destination? Or is the mail system a lot less rough than I think it is.

no…it wouldnt…but it would be best to…just in case….

Let Me Take You There- Plain White T’s

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