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White Men

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 in Mens Clothing

White Men
White Men

OK, so you are here to learn how you can get some respect from your date. No doubt you want some real useful information that is specific to white girls who love black guys.

I know what it is like for white girls dating black men. You may find it hard to find a date, and when you do it does not work out. Worse still you get know respect on the date.

Well I have two ways that you can get the respect that you truly deserve. It will be really subtle things that will give you the best benefit. Are you with me?

So without further delay here are my two pieces of advise for white girls who love black guys:

1) The Best Way To Defend Is To Attack: So what do I mean by this? No, I do not mean literally attack! I mean you need to demand your respect straight off the bat. The best way to do that is to initiate a psychological attack.

This can be achieved with very simple things. One example is purposely turning up late to the date. This will make him feel anxious and start to wonder if you are going to show. Which will give you the upper hand.

2) Dictate The Conversation: Instead of being shy and submissive lay out exactly what you want from a man. Be detailed and make him explain how he fits the bill.

This is very clever because it makes him feel he has to fit into your world and not the other way around. It will make him feel on edge and hoping that he has won your respect.

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How do white men feel about dating a single black mother?

I’ve always dating white men and my son is mixed. I know some white guys love black women, but how do they feel about a black single mother? I ask because where I live, there is both prejudice and uncertainty about interracial couples. I’m ready to start a relationship, but have my preferences and want someone whose open-minded like I am.
Do men in general care that a woman has a kid?

Theirs prejudice everywhere and you can never really escape it. Many people will not care or will even be excited at the idea of being with a person of a different race. It just depends on the people who you choose to pursue romantically. And don’t worry about having a kid if a person doesn’t like you because you have a child then they are too irresponsible to be with anyway.

Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

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