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Western Shirt

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Western Shirt
Western Shirt

Selecting the right shirt for men is not as simple as picking the right colour to match the suit. Choosing the right collar of the shirt is just as important. Not only are shirt sizes often given in collar size but the shape will determine who looks best in it and the occasion to wear the shirt. Follow this guide to get it right.


The shirt collar when buttoned up should neither be too tight nor too loose. Men can find their size by measuring round their neck where the shirt collar will be. It needs to be large enough so that one finger can be placed comfortably inside the gap. Of course, if no tie will be worn and the man will wear the shirt open-neck, the collar size is not important as long as the rest of the shirt fits well.

Fitting the face

Men with round or stout faces should opt for regular straight point collars to balance their face. Regular collars are the most popular design, thus the name. The tips pointing down help make the face appear longer and therefore slimmer. Spread or cutaway collars have a wider gap between the tips. The amount of space and the shape of the spread collar have many variations but in most cases help to balance slim narrow faces. A large tie knot is necessary in order to fill in the wide gap at the front, as opposed to regular collars.

Some more types

The buttoned-down collar, originating from America has buttonholes at the tips to enable them to be fastened to the body of the shirt. Shirts with a buttoned-down collar are not suitable for formal occasions. If you are looking for something not too western, then the banded collar is just for you as it is popular in Asia where head of states often wear suit jackets with a banded collar. The banded collar is a strip of even width that ends up looking like a ring over the shirt and around the neck. The most formal type of shirt reserved for the most formal of ceremonies have a wing collar – stiff tips sticking up and out. A shirt with a wing collar goes hand-in-hand with the bowtie. After this overview of the different types of collars and their functions, you should be able to pick the most appropriate type of men’s shirt for you to suit the right occasion.

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what store can I get a western shirt that looks western CHEAP!!!?

SORRY i meant to say that looks like a bandana!

Thrift stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, DAV.

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