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Wedding Ring

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring

Choosing your wedding ring is perhaps one of the most important pieces of jewelry that you will ever give your future spouse throughout your entire lifetime together. When choosing you will want to find a ring that will stay stylish over time and will become timeless. If you choose a ring that will never become outdated it adds value to the ring. With many different options available today for men and women shopping for the rings can be overwhelming.

You may choose to go with matching bands which most think add a special symbolism to the rings when worn out, but its not required. Some men find rings uncomfortable so the shape that is chosen for the woman may not be something that the man might want to wear. With the variety that’s available today it can be exhausting shopping but don’t let it stress you out. If you had originally wanted matching bands but its not working out then as a bride choose your ring and allow your soon to be husband choose what he likes. If you are able to choose the rings together then it will also take pressure off as far as picking something that your spouse may not like.

The material used for the ring is also an important factor when choosing for both women’s and men’s rings. Common materials normally used for the rings include silver, gold, and platinum even though they can consist of any material that the couple may choose. Gold known as the most popular material for wedding rings can be karats of 14,18, and 24. Most recommend choosing 14 karat gold for wedding rings are durable but does not sacrifice luster. While 18 karat gold can be another option keep in mind its made of a softer metal it may be easier to scuff or scratch. 24 karat gold rings are not recommended on the fact that they are the softest metal of all and to avoid tarnishing or scratching is almost impossible. It can become discolored fairly fast as well but because its less costly people do choose it.

Once you have chosen the metal that you will use for your wedding ring, it will then be time to browse the styles of ring. With more options available for styles than metals this can also take a bit of time. The three most common styles are half-round bounds, flat bands, and comfit bands. The half-round is the most used for wedding rings, while the flat band is becoming more popular due to the fact that they can be decorated with engravings. You also have the choice of choosing a matching wedding band and engagement set.

With the metal and style chosen you now many decide whether or not you want your rings engraved. A good jeweler should have the capability to design your ring as you wish including any text, symbols, or numbers. While many choose to engrave their initials or words to each other some may opt to have nothing done to them.

Choosing your wedding rings can seem like a stressful event but by doing whatever works for you and your significant other will make things easier and more enjoyable. If you are unable to browse local shops for the perfect wedding ring you may also use the Internet.

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I have bought my wife a $34000 ring… Is that rediculous. Dont say you’ll be in debt because i can afford it but is it rediculous?

It doesn’t matter how much it costs, it matters if she likes it.

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