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Wedding Jewelry

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Wedding Jewelry
Wedding Jewelry

The day is rapidly approaching and you are down to the final choices. To say that you have been busy would be the understatement of the century, but it will all be worth it. Your dress is hanging in your home, your shoes are in your closet and all of the accouterments are in place. After the caterer has been chosen, the flowers arranged and your wedding party selected the next choices are all yours to enjoy. Preparing a wedding is a lot of work and your goal is to have everything perfect. One of the choices you will be making is the selection of jewelry you will be wearing on that very special day. Aside from the ring, that is.

Consider your gown. Is it simple or elaborate? Is the neckline scoop, v-neck, sweetheart neckline or other style that requires some type of jewelry at your throat? You can compliment the style of your gown with the proper choice of jewelry. In the event that the “something old” is not an heirloom necklace from your grandmother you may be on a search for the very best piece of jewelry you can find. Often the search can be completed on the internet. Choosing a reputable site online can save you the hassle of door to door shopping which is very time consuming.

Choices can range from a single strand of pearls to Swavorski crystal which may more your style. A simple rhinestone lariat necklace with matching earrings would be perfect for a gown that has a lower cut neckline. Consider a stylish choker to emphasize the lines of your neck. The list of possibilities goes on and on. Necklace and earring sets are always a good start. They will coordinate with each other and your gown.

Consider your hair as well. Do you want a large earring that will draw attention to your hair and face, or something tiny that is exactly the style you like. Wedding jewelry is as personal as the gown you are wearing. The tradition goes back more years than can be counted. Jewelry can be perpetually in style or trendy. It depends on the personality of the wearer. Purchasing the right pieces is the challenge for you at a very busy time.

Perhaps the groom is planning to adorn you in something he thinks will be fitting. Before he makes that decision, he may want to consult with someone who knows your dress style or feelings can be damaged. Your wedding jewelry is a personal choice. It can be elaborate or simple. A string of pearls looks graceful and elegant on the neck of anyone, but pearls may not be your style. Your individual personality is what to consider along with the style of your gown.

Your wedding day is a day to show off your best features. Your jewelry will emphasize your face, hair and gown. It is something that needs to be chosen with those thoughts in mind. If you decide to do a search on the internet, you can find many different examples of jewelry for the bride. If you would rather shop in jewelry stores, you can try them on and see if they suit you. The choice is yours, just as the day is yours.

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Wedding Jewelry???

I am looking for places to get wedding jewelry. Here is a picture of my tiara and I would like to find jewelry that looks good with that.

Also, if you would like to check out my dress…go to and search for dress style # 5268

Does anyone in your family have old jewelry that you could wear? There is a beautiful necklace that my great grandmother wore to her wedding, and every woman in our family to get married has worn it. Plus, you will get your something borrowed and something old at the same time!

Wedding Jewelry

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