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Wedding Band

Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Wedding Band
Wedding Band

Mens wedding bands are traditionally worn at the base of the left ring finger. Although in some parts of the world, mens wedding bands may instead be seen worn on the right ring finger. As you know, a wedding band symbolizes marriage. Men and women wear wedding bands to symbolize their marriage and show off their commitment to fidelity, and to their spouse. This custom originates from Europe, but obviously has spread widely and throughout the world!

During a wedding ceremony, it is typically the man that produces the mens wedding bands and womens wedding bands to exchange with his bride. But some ceremonies make use of ring bearers. These are typically young boys that are a part of either family. Their job is to carry the mens wedding band and womens wedding band on a special cushion or pillow up to the altar, where the rings are then placed on the marrying couple’s fingers.

While most religions and cultures allow bands of any material for marriage, most wedding bands are primarily made of precious yellow gold, or possibly white gold or platinum. These are put together using yellow alloy of gold, copper, tin and bismuth. White gold is another popular choice for wedding bands or rings, though the yellow white gold alloy has been replaced with nickel-gold alloy, and then rhodium.

Titanium and platinum are also great choices for mens wedding bands. Titanium in particular is a popular choice, because it’s durable, affordable, and an acceptable, ideal color of gun metal gray. Tungsten is another popular choice for wedding bands. There is also nickel silver and stainless steel. Both of these materials are good for constructing beautiful rings that are pleasing to the eye, durable and yet very affordable.

Less popular choices for materials for mens wedding bands include silver, brass and copper. These corrode and break down over time, which is why they are not often used. Mens rings can complement the style of the womens ring, or they can create their own unique look. While mens wedding bands are often wider than womens wedding bands, they can be simple in design or elegant in design. Some bands may have plain finishes, while others have bands, grooves, engravings, even bandings of colors and other precious metals, such as gold or diamond or even platinum.

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Kimberly Green is Trying to locate the best in mens wedding bands. Kimberly has been searching out a ring for her husband that matches the new ring he purchased for her on their last anniversary. Mens wedding bands aren’t the easiest to shop for but rewarding none the less.

Wedding Band?

If I put on my husband’s wedding band over mine does God still look at us as married? Christian view…


I’ll need more on this…did he die? If so – no, the whole “death do you part” thing.

If you just got a divorce – yes, even if you didn’t get re-married.

Or – if you’re still married – yes he does.

If he did die, sorry to hear about your loss.

Wedding band Part I

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