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Vintage Polo

Posted on Sunday, June 28, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Vintage Polo
Vintage Polo

Z.Z. Top sang it, and you had better believe it: ‘Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.’ Sadly, most men would define ‘sharp-dressed’ by saying, ‘Well, I have clothes on, don’t I?’ But, with all due respect for everyone’s favourite Hollywood hunk du jour, no man is so stunningly good looking that he can make any wardrobe look good. Although clothes do not make the man, they do express his sense of himself, and just as men appreciate women who have cultivated their own signature styles, so women naturally admire men with self-confidence enough to make fashion statements of their own.

Make distinctive shirts and sweaters from Lyle and Scott essential elements in all of your unforgettable fashion statements.

Distinctive shirts and sweatersIn order to make a distinctive statement, select shirts, sweaters and jackets from blah-dee-blah. You will recognize them by their distinctive golden eagle emblem. Yes, other fine shirts come with emblems emblazoned on their chests, but you must keep in mind that the golden eagle soars well above the alligator, the moose, and the golden fleece, rising far above them in quality and style. The shirt of this line are not old-fashioned or retro; they are ‘vintage,’ suggesting they have withstood the test of time and grown finer, more valuable with age and reputation.

Polo shirts, genuine classics

Polo shirts of this line handsomely complement just about every look. Right for just about every occasion, whether dressed-down with jeans or shorts or dressed-up with sweaters and jackets, the polo shirts’ fine fabrics and one-of-a-kind fit make you feel terrific and look even better. Tailored in the classic style with long tails and comfortable set-in shoulders, featuring seams sewn securely and no detail overlooked, thepolo shirts of this line are crafted for years of hard wear. Choose from nearly 100 colours, stripes, and bold patterns, complementing everything in your closet.

Finely knit sweaters

Crew-neck, v-neck, or cardigan, your Lyle and Scott sweater will make you both sharp-dressed and comfortable. Knit from the finest yarns, constructed to the most exacting standards, your sweater comes in the full array of classic colours plus distinctive patterns and stripes. A proud salute to tradition and a proper homage to style, elbow patches complete the look on many of their sweaters. And, of course, they too are emblazoned with the proud golden eagle emblem. The designers and artisans at Lyle and Scott also understand that durability matters equally with look and fit, so that their cotton and wool yarns are guaranteed to wash without fading, stretching, or ‘pilling.’ Always in style, your sweaters will empower your fashion statements for years to come.

Rugged outerwear

Built for men who brave the rugged coastlines and coastal waters, jackets and parkas from Lyle and Scott will keep you safe, warm, and dry wherever your adventures takes you. And they will keep you looking sharp and feeling good, too. Manufactured to the same high standards that distinguish all Lyle and Scott garments, our outerwear will stand-up to time as well as the elements, distinguishing you as a man of taste and discernment, gifted with an eye for value.

Dogfishmen are stockists in wide range of designer clothing. These include Diesel Jeans, Lyle and Scott, Nudie Jeans and many other major fashion brands.

Man in need of Polo Shirts?

I need a Pink and brown polo shirt, mens size large.. the pink shoud preferably be a lighter pink, the brown just brown
im colorblind… haha…

something similar to that… can someone tell me if that is pink and brown? the second one?

That’s white and brown. Check American Eagle they have polo’s on sale

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