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Tuxedo Package

Posted on Sunday, June 7, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Tuxedo Package
Tuxedo Package

Belle Starr, Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane strapped on side arms and worked side by side with the men who tamed the wild west in years of long ago. Angie Dickenson portrayed a feisty police sargent in the 1970 TV show, Police Woman, to blaze the trail for more “women and guns” shows like Charlie’s Angels and Cagney and Lacey. Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Detective Delia Peabody arm themselves with lasers and tazers to go forward in the futuristic mind of author JD Robb, keeping peace and catching criminals in the years yet to come.

Why then, do people react with surprise and awe when girls make their way to the paintball fields? Does aggressive action and accuracy on the shooting range denote less feminine traits off range? I would vote no. In fact, I would expect just the opposite. When petite, fragile-looking and feminine young women don military-style boots, camo gear head to toe, face masks, and helmets and proceed to the paintball gun range, it could well be an extension of that make-believe world. It could, actually, be pointing to the very feminine, lace and perfume, tenderness and caring traits off the range.

Some women find it more fun to dress up in lace and silk lingerie, sexy black dress with a slit three quarters of the way home and heels high enough to start a nosebleed if they have first been bundled up just the opposite, as you would find on the paintball course. The contrast evokes that “little girl” feeling of playing dress up. The contrast often announces power or authority and control, saying, “see, I can change who I am anytime I want”.

(In an aside from the author–I will admit the “little old lady” in me has observed many years of the fact that the male species reacts the same way. Otherwise, why would they stand two inches taller and preen just a little bit longer when they take off that camo and put on a tuxedo?) Apparently that authority and control is not any more gender specific than the ability for accuracy of marksmanship or agility and maneuverability on the paintball field.

Massive amounts of practice, along with a good eye; and many hours in the gym with a good fitness program will level the gender playing field quite nicely.

Nestled in the foothills just west of the Misty Fjords National Monument, in the midst of the Tongass National Forest, guns are a way of life for the Alaskans who live here. Not all of us desire to “kill something” just because we love the challenge of hunting and shooting. Paintball guns fascinate me for just this reason. Even little, old gray-haired grandma’s like to pretend once in awhile.

Gold Coast wedding? Help?

My husband and I are already married. We didn’t have a big wedding or ceremony. We are going back to Gold Coast Australia and want to get the following:
Wedding dress and tuxedo rental for one day
My hair and make-up professionally done
A photographer to come to the rainforest retreat we will be staying at. We want some wedding pics while we are still youngish.
Does anyone know a provider who caters to these things in a kind of all-in-one package?

Hi there.
I couldn’t find any site that puts them all together in a package, but I did a quick google and found heaps of sites that cater for each different area and even offer a free planner. Some of them are:

You could also try and find out through the rainforest retreat whether they have wedding packages, if you have not already done so. Hope this can help. Good luck:)

Trying on my Tuxedosonline tuxedo

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