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Tuxedo Cufflinks

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Tuxedo Cufflinks
Tuxedo Cufflinks

Cufflinks have long been synonymous to the elite class and the nobility. But that is only because throughout its history, cufflinks was designed especially for the upper class. Time changes a lot of things and cufflinks are no exemptions. Still, if you feel they are too old-fashioned, here are five reasons why it is otherwise.

1. Women like them on men. It is not an exaggerated claim or a lie. It is true! Nothing turns a woman on more than a man, who looks very professional in a corporate suit, doubtlessly handsome and looks like worth a million grand. If your profession does not require a uniform like that of the police or fireman, your office “uniform” will be enough. Stylize your usual office attire with formal French Cuffs shirts and fasten your cuffs with a pair of classy cufflinks. Once you do, take a ride down and up the elevator a couple of times a day so that women from other floors will also have the privilege of seeing you.

2. You don’t look ordinary wearing them. People who are wealthy are always deemed to be more prestigious and are thus, respected. Have you ever noticed that wealthy people, or at least those who appear to be, are treated better than the not-so-wealthy ones? Rich people don’t line up on queues and sashay past tables to their pre-reserved seats. Another thing, if you’re out shopping, rich people are often assisted and aided by sales persons while cufflink-less plebian are left to their own shoe size or jackets.

3. You feel an inch closer to being James Bond. Every man dreams to be like James Bond. Nice sleek hair, cool stuff and gadgets, irresistible character and charisma, hot chicks and hot cars-if you’re him, you’re a prime commodity. Women would definitely want you and men would die to be you. If you want to be inches close to being Mr. Bond, wear your most expensive tuxedo (rent is also an option for those who don’t own one) and accessorize with a pair of mega classy cufflinks and introduce yourself with your surname before your name. Cufflinks can make you look cool and feel more confident about yourself which overall creates an aura of elegance that you carry wherever you go.

4. Sophistication and class are always on top. If you’re going on a job interview, wearing cufflinks can give you the upper hand. Why? For the very simple reason that if you wear cufflinks, you create an image of professionalism and sophistication. Your minute attention to details can be your advantage over the others and can definitely help you land the job that you want. Always make a good first impression because it always lasts. So if you want to be the next boss of that company, make sure your employer sees that impression on your first meeting.

5. Cufflinks are entertaining. If you’re in a business meeting and you’re bored to death with graphs and market shares, novelty cufflinks can provide nifty entertainment to help you stay away from snoring. Novelty cufflinks are a rage and they come in different designs like miniature compasses (and they work!), minuscule clocks, scissors, and the list are endless.

If you don’t own a pair of cufflinks yet, I’m sure you’re on your way out to purchase one for yourself. You probably won’t even read this last sentence.

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Does a suit overcoat (blazer) look appropriate/good on a tuxedo.?

I have black tuxedo pants, a white shirt, a black bow tie, and cufflinks, but I do not have a tuxedo jacket or a dinner jacket. I have a suit however, with a very dark navy blue blazer, which looks like black. Does the style of a suit blazer look good on a tuxedo, or will it look weird? Please help! thanks.

The worst thing you can do is almost, but not quite, match. Ever hit two keys on a piano that are right next to each other? Same principle. I’ve seen people try to fake a tuxedo with a suit and a black bow tie. It’s fine for poker night, but wholly inadequate for anything else.

This site offers jackets for very little money. Stick to 100% wool, and you should be fine. The one-button peak, one-button shawl, or double-breasted peak are all excellent options, and the double-breasted doesn’t even require a vest or cummerbund:

If you buy, you may want to buy new trousers, too. (There are so many shades of black.) Of course, that bow tie had better be the real thing. Pre-tieds are strictly for kids.

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