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Tux Tails

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Tux Tails
Tux Tails

What should my son wear in a pageant?

My three year old is wanting to be in a pageant like his big sissy. She has done pageants forever but I’ve never put him in one. He is adorable, everyone has told me I should let him, and now that he has asked I going to. Thing is, I don’t really know what I want him to wear. I’m thinking of a black tux with a bow tie. I know, I know, creative , right? But I know he would look great( like a little James Bond). And I know white tuxes do good in pageants, but black will look better on him. He has big hazel eyes, brown hair, and the cutest dimples. I know I shouldn’t stress on waht he’s gonna wear, cuz he’s really outgoing and he”ll blow the judges away.
But, so anywayz, I just want some opinions. If you do pageants great. If you don’t, great. Whatever. Just what do you think?
So far I’ve looked at tuxes, tuxes with tails, Captains suits(cute), boys knickers with suspenders, slacks with vests and ties, or maybe even just slacks with a button down long sleeve shirt amd a cute tie.

Why not the slacks, white shirt and a colorful vest with tie….be real creative and add a hat…now that’s cute! be sure to send pics….I do make-up for our local county fair pageant…love the little ones they are so adorable!

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