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Tungsten Rings

Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Tungsten Rings
Tungsten Rings

Are tungsten rings a good buy?

I’ve read in some places that they are good and some places saying they may leave a green mark on the finger. I just want to make sure I made a good buy. Advice is appreciated.

Tungsten rings are a great buy. They are great because they the most stunning, scratch resistant and affordable jewelry on the market. Be careful though and make sure you find one that is jewelry grade and not industrial grade.

Because of the bad economy, many light bulb companies have expanded into creating tungsten jewelry because light bulb filaments are tungsten. They contain cobalt. Cobalt is cheap and is found in industrial grade tungsten. Cobalt reacts to the secretions from your skin and leaves a green or brown mark on your finger.

You want to find tungsten jewelry with a nickel alloy, slightly more expensive but won’t corrode. Usually tungsten jewelry with a name brand is the best way to go. If you are paying less than $100 for a ring, you’re probably getting a light bulb filament.

Tungsten Rings Emergency Tungsten wedding ring removal

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