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Tungsten Mens

Posted on Monday, March 14, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Tungsten Mens
Tungsten Mens

I’m shopping for my (mens) wedding band on ebay…need help?

Ive been to a few of the jewelers, and around the web, and I noticed that the exact same rings are on ebay for hundreds less than in the jewelry store. Literally the exact same, on ebay for like 20$ at fred mayer for 500$ or so. Is there something wrong with the rings? Are they cheap titanium or tungsten or whatever? Does anyone know of a cool online jeweler with nondescript manly rings? I would really enjoy the savings on my honeymoon if at all possible.

If it is the same ring then why not go for it, and for $20 if you don’t like it you can afford to look elsewhere.

Somethings to keep in mind- titanium and tungsten can not be resized so make sure you go to a jewelry store to be sized- they will be happy to do that (they should also be happy to clean and or fix your ring no matter where it is from, this is sort of jewelry code).

Also, when you are sized make sure that they have you use sizers that are the same width as the band you are looking at as it will affect the size.

Gold and platinum are required by law to have info engraved on the piece. ex: it has to say 10k or 14k or 928 for platinum. So you can use this info to gage if it is real or not.

One last thing regarding tungsten- it is relatively new in the jewelry mens ring world however you can not cut it off if your finger grows and you need to have it removed. It has to have presser applied to it at certain areas in order to shatter it.

Good luck and congrats!

Tungsten Carbide and Titanium Wedding Bands

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