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Trunks Size

Posted on Sunday, February 21, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Trunks Size
Trunks Size

Women have always known the answer to one of man’s most nagging questions, “Yes! Size definitely matters”. Considering the pleasure it provide during sexual intercourse, size also differ your masculinity.

Can you imagine a porn actor with a small penis? It would be sexually frustrating, if not outright funny to watch a porn actor with a small penis. In addition to that, small penis will make you even smaller in the eyes of a woman. That is why size matters because having a big male organ will boost confidence and develop superiority in a man’s life.

Here are some comparisons between large and small penis:

Large Penis:

The biggest reason why men want to enlarge their penis is to satisfy their partner in terms of sex. The pleasure that big male organ provide to a woman is what men are aiming. Plus, having that size will add up to your manhood ego. Enhancing the size of a penis can bring dominance not only in bed but also among men with an average size penis.

Another good benefit of improved size is having a favorable appearance. Why? Picture yourself wearing a swimming trunks or tight jeans; if you have a big size penis then it will be visible making some women more attracted to you.

Small Penis:

For men with a small organ, their lifestyle is more on being alone. They are uncertain to have a sexual intercourse because they might hear awful criticism by the opposite sex. One way to destroy a man is to ruin his ego. And man with an average size will definitely stumble down if a woman will question or doubt your capability in sex due to that size.

Self steam will also decrease especially when you see many men with likable size penis. Being skeptic by your manliness will also start to form.

Now, if you’re still hesitating whether to enlarge your penis, then try to observe yourself if you experience less sex life. If you do, then the way to change that is by improving the size of your penis.

Richard Handmen is a Penis Enlargement researcher and author. He lives in Decatur Georgia and spends his time researching and teaching others, safe, practical methods to increase the size of your penis, and to gain confidence and control during intercourse. His latest book “Giant Penis Enlargement Exercise Program” is available at

How many inches high are the typical dorm bed?

I was wondering if the foot locker/trunks they sell will fit underneath a typical college dorm bed or if I would have to buy the “risers” to elevate the bed.

Trunk size is 31″X17″X 12 and 1/2 inches high.

If you think it is a waste of $ or suggest another kind of storage, please let me know! Thanks

I think the risers that elevate the bed are a good buy. I don’t think your trunk will go underneath without them. We always needed to have them.

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