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Tri Fold

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Tri Fold
Tri Fold

One of the most common brochure printing setups is the tri fold brochure. Tri fold brochure printing is usually used in most promotional brochures. Their name can be a bit misleading, but you can identify them by their distinctive two folds with three main panels or pages. So actually there are only two folds instead of three, but they divide the brochure in three distinct parts. The folds themselves can be configured in many ways. Depending how the brochure printing machines setup the folds, you can have a standard tri fold, a Z fold or a gate fold. Of course there are other variations in this like the French folds, and accordion folds and sometimes the number of folds for these types may increase.

What is the best fold?

The best brochure fold really depends on your brochure design and purpose. However, the most common promotional materials use the standard tri fold brochure printing setup. This is because tri fold brochures are the easiest to print and fold when it comes to printers. Since it is pretty standard, tri folds are the cheapest brochure folds that you can avail of.

However, if you need a more eye-catching look for your brochures, then you need to transcend the standard tri folds and go for unique kinds of folds. The Z-fold and Gate fold are just two simple variants for the tri-fold but they represent a significant shift in design philosophy. Z folds have an abnormal topic progression in its content, and it is more suited for segmented or different but related brochure topics. Gate folds on the other hand usually have a centerpiece of design within its central inside panel. Having a gate fold basically supplements the design, making it look as if it is inside a folder being represented. Other fold types have their own little niches in terms of their use, but the tri-fold, z-fold and gate-fold are the most common and easiest for you to use.

Where can you use tri fold brochure printing?

Most tri fold brochures find its way to service industries. Hotels, resorts and spas use brochures to advertise their services and features. Besides advertising, bank services also use brochures to educate their clients about banking procedures and banking offers. Other companies use brochure printing as a public relations platform to improve their image. Almost any kind of business that needs to communicate something quickly using text and images can use brochures for that purpose.

Is it cheap?

Brochure printing is one of the most affordable promotional prints out there. If you use online printers to print your brochures, it is almost assured that you will be dealing with competitive prices that can fit your budget. They are not as cheap as flyer printing though, but you can probably print more and give more information to people using brochures more than expensive posters.

Indeed, tri fold brochure printing can be many things and it is useful in many fields. They are easily customizable, and are more or less cheap to produce. So the next time you visit your printer, try looking at brochures to see if they might help your business.

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How do I set up a tri fold brochure in InDesign with each page 6 x 6, how do i set up the folds & guides?

This will be a front and back brochure, but I am having trouble getting my placement of everything right… Tri Fold and 6 x 6 each page…any help I would really appreciate…Thanks
I know that it has to be 6 x 18, but where do i put the guides for the folds on each 6 x 6 page so they roll into each other with no issues?

set up a document thats 6″x18″ and make sure “facing pages” isnt checked. then pull some guides to 6″ and 12″. the easiest thing from there is to take a scrap piece of paper and fold it into how you want your tri to fold so you know what “page” goes where when you’re designing it. set your columns/margins/gutters however you want from there

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