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Top Shirt

Posted on Monday, February 15, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Top Shirt
Top Shirt

After a few washes, almost all shirt collars tends to lose the firmness. This gives the shirts a worn out and old look, which is definitely not desirable. However, now you can look good and be well dressed with the help of the collar stiffeners. Now you can also join the bandwagon of well-dressed men. You can keep the shape of your shirt collars in form. Those days have gone when you had to wear shirts, which were crumpled. With the help of the stiffeners, you will be able to portray a good impression about yourself. These stiffeners are the perfect way to preserve your shirt and keep them in shape so that you can look smart and elegant whenever you wear them.

There is a wide collection of stiffeners available in the market from, which you can choose. They are quite low priced and hence you will not have a problem when you are purchasing. The two main types that are available in the market are the plastic and the metal variety. The metal collar stiffeners are strong and smooth and are available in brass, sterling silver and stainless steel versions. The plastic varieties are also effective stiffeners, which are available at an inexpensive rate. If you are shopping on a budget, then you should choose the plastic collars. It is not as expensive as the metal. You need to maintain the plastic stiffeners. These are quite sturdy but you should put them aside when you are ironing your shirts. So, be careful not to put hot iron over the stiffeners.

There are detachable stiffeners that are suggested for shirts, which are costly. You can insert the detachable versions and pull it out when you are sending them for laundry. The stiffeners are available in a pack of 24 or 12, with varying sizes so that it can cater to different sizes of shirts. If you are not sure, which variety to purchase for your shirts, you can take the help of the store executives. You can also purchase collar stiffeners online if you do not want to buy them from regular shops. There are many reputed brands in the market and you can choose among the best that is available within your budget.

These collar stays can be great gift items too for your husband, father or brother. They can fit any good quality shirt and the best part about these is that you can now get personalised stiffeners where you can get your names engraved or your initials written or even a chosen quote written to make it special for the person you are gifting.

So next time if you find that your shirt collars are becoming lose and drooping do not discard your shirts, just instead go for these sleek and simple accessories to get back the beauty and shape of your favourite shirt. You can find them at online stores in various kinds and types. Hence, find an online store today, which offers these stiffeners at a cheap rate. Before you purchase, ensure that they have an easy purchasing and payment method. is the place where you will find different kinds of collar stiffeners. There are plastic as well as metal versions available in the store, which you can purchase at a budget, which is within your range.

How to make halter top using an old t-shirt….?

I do some promoting for a band and i have only their boring old t-shirts to wear. I live in Phoenix AZ and during the summer it is super hot. I would really love any help or links to turn the old boring t-shirt into halter top, tank top, or anything else sexy… Thanks a million!!!,,688856,00.html

it has 8 ways to customize a t-shirt

♥ T-Shirt Reconstruction: Shirred Summer Top ♥

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