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Tie Stripe

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Tie Stripe
Tie Stripe

What do the stripes on the belts mean in taekwondo and how do I tie the belt?

My son has just begun taekwondo and I notice other kids have stripes wrapped around the ends of their belts that they get from something called “stripe testing”. Is this common? Another question I have is: how do I tie the knot on his belt? It always looks goofy the way I do it compared to how the instructors have theirs tied.

stripes if it’s only one represents a half belt, like a ranking between belts. If it’s a lot of stripes, they are for achievements. Like show me a front kick good and get a stripe. Many instructors us it as a sort of reward for kids to keep encouraged.

Adults usually get one stripe and it’s considered a half belt promotion.

it’s difficult to explain how to tie a belt. But let me try 🙂

From behind (to show your kid how to tie it),

Hold a short portion with your right hand, and direct the belt to the left. Wrap all the way around the body twice and you should have a short end directed to the left. Take that short end going to the left and wrap in under the double layer of belts (to circle or wrap the belt together in the front) Wrap it from the bottom (with your right hand you should be curling towards the body with your fingers)

so now you should have two ends and the belt should be wrapped together tightly in the front.

Now take the half in your right hand and do a little flip to flip it over. Take the half in your left hand and put it ontop of the one you just flipped and loop it under. (so if your right hand is palm down, your left hand would be palm down on top of y our right hand, curl your left fingers and that would be the direction that the belt would need to go) pull it through, then pull it out straight to the left and right and tighten.

Hope this helps 🙂 in the end, the knot should look like a fortune cookie

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