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Tie Red

Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Tie Red
Tie Red

There is a good reason why neckties are considered vital part of a corporate man’s closet. Men who don’t really care about fashion and the trends today wouldn’t also care whether or not they wear the same tie all over again. You would only have a few ties on your closet to begin with.

However, there are some men who love collecting neckties of every design and color but not all of them will be able to have enough colors to create sharp, sophisticated and elegant look. This is simply not the case no matter how much of a fashionable person you are. There will always be some colors that you would not buy to add to your closet collection.

It would actually be good if you have at the very least a dozen different neckties inside your closet. However, eliminating the red and blue bow ties from the equation will not really give you too much option when you dress up. Sure, there will always be yellow bow ties, which in all actuality will be hard to match to shirts unless you got plenty of plain white shirts.

You could always go for brown bow tie as well but this earthy hue would need another complimentary color so that the sophistication and elegance would be brought out in the process.

One of the easiest colors to match with shirts would be red bow tie. However, you should be careful when wearing this kind of color for your tie. It signifies power, confidence and unmatched self-esteem. Go for blue ones if you want a subtle personality because red simply mean loud and proud. Sometimes, people perceive people who are wearing red ties as snobbish and arrogant. If you don’t want to be stereotyped and labeled then you should go for colors that best describe who you are.

A lot of men are buying several neckties at a given time but a large number of this population is buying those under the same color shade or at least similar in some ways. It is of course natural for us to prefer one thing from another but when buying bow ties this is not a good practice at all. Why is it not good to have so many neckties with similar colors? It is because you will look exactly how you looked like yesterday and this is not something you want, do you?

Variation will always work so that it reflects the kind of fashion and personality you have. If people see the same shade of color, they would not bother looking up close whether or not the tie you wear today is not the same as what you wore yesterday.

It isn’t really perfect science at all but the tendency of people to see variation first and foremost is the color. You might even wear the same design with different colors and yet all they see is the difference in the color not the similarity in the design.

For example, you bought five bow ties with the same design but different colors – red, blue, yellow, brown and burgundy. When you wear the blue one today and wear the red tie tomorrow, people will not notice that the two ties are actually of the same design because all they notice is the variation in the color.

Indeed, it is highly advisable that you buy various colors of bow ties so that your fashion closet would be complete.

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