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Tie Necktie

Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Tie Necktie
Tie Necktie

Learning how to tie a necktie is very important for all men. A tie is a men’s accessory that is needed especially when attending special or formal occasions. Wearing neckties adds grace to the appearance, poise and confidence of a man.

There are four main types of knots that you can choose to tie your neckties, namely the Four-in-Hand knot, Half-Windsor knot, the Windsor knot and the Pratt/Shelby knot.

The Four-in-Hand knot, also called schoolboy or simple knot, is the most popular and simplest method of tying a tie. This type of knot is an asymmetric way of tying a necktie and is suitable to wear for most occasions. It is believed the most common types because it is very easy to do.

The Half-Windsor knot is considered more formal and quite more difficult to tie than the four-in-hand. It is best to wear for most occasions. The Half-Windsor complements well with light-weight to medium-weight fabrics.

The Windsor knot also called a Double Windsor or a Full Windsor is a symmetric necktie illustrated with a wide triangular which is best to wear for all formal occasions. This Windsor complement best on dress shirts with wide spread collar. This knot is named after King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor. Wearing this adds confidence and sense of nobility. It is illustrated as a large necktie knot which looks fabulous on dress shirts with wide collar. If the necktie is made from thick fabrics it will produce too large tie. It complements best on dress shirts with wide collar openings and will not suit for shirts with narrow collar. It is best to wear in political and business occasions.

The Pratt knot, also called the Pratt/Shelby knot and the Shelby knot is a type that is illustrated a reverse side out style of tying. The knot of the necktie produces an average size necktie. The thickness does not look too narrow or too wide. It is best to match for most dress shirts and suitable to wear for all occasions.

The Pratt knot was created by an employee of the United States Chamber of Commerce named Jerry Pratt. He’d been tying his necktie using the Pratt knot procedure for about twenty years before it became widely known after a celebrity named Don Shelby appeared on TV wearing the Pratt knot necktie. The fashion press in New York mistakenly attributed the creation of the knot to Don Shelby.

The book titled “The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie. The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots” authored by Yong Mao and Thomas Fink was published in 1999. The book contains helpful information about different necktie knots. The authors of this book used mathematical theory to prove the eighty five-ways to tie a necktie. In addition to that the book mentioned that there are thirteen aesthetic ways and it includes Oriental knot, Four-in-hand knot, Kelvin knot, Nicky knot, Victoria knot, Half-Windsor knot, St. Andrew knot, Plattsburgh knot, Cavendish knot, Windsor, Grantchester, Hanover and Balthus knot.

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How do I tie a big fat knot for my necktie?

A lot of kids at my school have huge knots on their ties. How can do this? I would prefer a set of video instructions on the web. Also, I start with the wide end on the left hand side of my body and the narrow end on my right side of the body.


Try the full windsor. It’s tricky, but pretty bulky.

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