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Tie Lang

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Tie Lang
Tie Lang

During pre-historic times, humans already have a way of applying flirting body language to show the opposite sex that they like what they see. Of course, we were a bit more frank then, and the codes were easier to decipher. Nowadays, we have already learned the art of subtlety, which makes the whole thing more challenging and exciting.

Over the years, man’s flirting body language has evolved into something more mysterious. We have even forgotten our ancestors’ direct-to-the-point ways – only using those skills on a purely unconscious level. Below are some examples to help you along.

Flirting Body Language # 1: The Hand That Feeds You

Some people like to flirt with others by feeding them fruit or a bit of cake from their own hand or utensil. Usually, this practice is done by lovers. However, more guys and girls are now starting to adopt the sweet gesture and use it to their advantage.

Of course, this body language sign of attraction can also backfire. For one, it can surprise them if they are suddenly being offered the spoon. Such instances can result in awkwardness. If you find yourself unable to eat from the other person’s fork, simply take the utensil for yourself to avoid embarrassment.

Flirting Body Language # 2: Preening Material

When a woman leans in close to fix a man’s tie, there is a high probability that she is flirting with him. This body language sign of attraction implies that she wants that man to look his best and that she wants to do that for him alone – to nurture and protect him.

Men also have their own version of the tie-fixing action. Notice that they often tuck a few stray strands of a woman’s hair behind her ear or simply let their fingers glide through them.

Flirting Body Language # 3: Goodnight Kiss

Friends or acquaintances who kiss you goodnight could also be a good body language sign of attraction. These people would like to know you better and would like to step over their usual boundaries.

It could be a light peck on the cheek or perhaps even a kiss on your hand. While guys tend to be more daring, girls are also stealing their share of kisses as well.

Flirting body language has certainly developed over the years – and not surprisingly so. After all, man has evolved from convening in caves to meeting up in bars and parties. It’s time for you to open your eyes and look to the future as well.

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what is “walang delikadesa”?

is this example of it? i voted for the longer answer. big surprise when short answer already has 1 vote and was done only 2 hrs ago pahabol lang. so it’s tie now. whazzzuppp???;_ylt=AoD4eISOAqbIJEjHU5kitAUS7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20090605130316AAlNaLF

“Walang delikadesa” is the embodiment of Philippine politicians who get mired in scandals after scandals but who unashamedly stick to their positions with nary a qualm.

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