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Tie Cuffl

Posted on Monday, April 5, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Tie Cuffl
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What you wear pretty much sums up who you are. It is the attire that you drone on yourself tells about your personality. For men, to choose what to wear often gets difficult. Especially, when it comes to deciding what to wear in ceremonials.

The formal wear is not restricted to the official premises anymore. You can wear it on any occasion. At a party, while walking the ramp, or attending a wedding. You can do so even while getting married yourself. Formal shirts make you look lean and perfect. You obviously would choose the size, color and type according to what you want to wear. You might like it fancy or simple. You could go for something in stripes, checks, plain or designed. Even while going for a prom night, a formal shirt is advisable. It makes you look smart and dandy.

When you wear a formal shirt, people looking at you would be able to judge your persona. It’s always a perfect gift that you can give to a groom. Men’s dress reflect self-esteem and dignity. A black, navy blue or a dark gray colored shirt looks so good on anyone. One advantage that wearing a formal shirt has, is that you can choose to wear or not to wear a tie along with it.This you will be deciding according to the occasion that you are attending. Once you have chosen your formal shirt’s color and type, you can wear it with a matching tie and accessorize it with cufflinks and collars. To look even more formal, buy a shirt with a nice cuff detail on the arm, or pair it with a tie, says Melissa Austria, founder of Toronto-based menswear clothing store Gotstyle.

Men’s formalistic clothes can also be worn with tuxedos and are more popular with formal suits. It makes men look classy and elegant in every way. They just need to make sure that they pick their shirts carefully. The nature of the event (formal or casual) should dictate their choice. Men’s formalistic clothes come in different fabrics. Popular choices include cotton and silk. When you go for an interview a formal wear is a must. The best color for a formal shirt is white. You can even opt for something more conservative and light.

As far as men’s formal shirt is concerned, it has to be of the perfect fit. Ill fitted shirts make men look out of place. In order to have a formal shirt that will fit you perfectly, you need to do is choose a fabric according to your choice of color and design and then have it tailored for you. One of the best places to do it is at the e-commerce tailoring store They give you the flexibility to choose the fabrics online, and you can even order samples to be sent to you before you place your actual order.

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