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Templar Masonic

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Templar Masonic
Templar Masonic

If you are shopping for gifts for a Mason, the fact that they are a Mason, makes them an easy person to shop for. There are many different Masonic gifts available, large and small and there is something out there for even the most difficult to shop for. The availability of these gifts has gotten more and more popular in recent years as the Masons become less secretive and the variety of different gifts has gone from simple trinkets to some very intricate pieces.

Masonic Gifts less than Thirty Pounds

There are many gifts for Freemasons that cost less than thirty pounds. These make excellent gifts for most casual friends and acquaintances. In this category of gifts, there are many items, including pocket- knives and straight razors. They come embossed with the mason logo and symbols and are often shipped in display boxes, which have printing of Masonic quotes and symbols.

Another popular gift in this price range is the pocket watch. It is a classic look that is only improved upon when the exterior of the watch is painted in Masonic colours and the bezel of the watch has symbols of the Masons as well.

For the truly budget conscious shopper, small items such as stickers and appliques for the Mason’s vehicle are available. Brake light stickers are inexpensive but are highly sought after by masons.

Masonic Gifts over Thirty Pounds

With the recent upswing in popularity of gifts with a Masonic theme, the sky is the limit for the pricing on gifts. Museum quality replicas are a very popular type of gift and carry price tags commensurate with the level of detail that goes into the replica. For the mason, the blending of different eras of religion into their beliefs is important and as such, replicas of the Rosetta Stone are quite popular as well as other Egyptian artefacts.

Another popular, but expensive, gift idea is to purchase the Mason a Masonic Sword. These swords are replicas of those that the Knights Templar used for both ceremonial and battle use. The ones available today are mostly ceremony specific pieces with unsharpened blades. The prices vary a great deal, as does the quality of the items. Finding a sword that is the proper one for the Mason’s level is important so some research into Freemasonry is vital to picking the right sword for the recipient. For the collector of Masonic pieces though, they will enjoy any variation that can be found.

Finally, a popular type of gift for Masons is to give them jewellery. Often cast in silver, these gifts are beautiful showpieces of Masonic symbolism. They are available in various sizes and levels of detail and some are even made by masons, for masons. The designs vary, though the common “G” design is very popular. Another common design is the “Man who Would be King” design as well as other, older, pendant designs, many reproduced and antiqued to look like vintage pieces. There even designs available that are appropriate for the lady of a mason, with smaller pendant designs.

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Freemason Knights Templar Rosicrucian connection?

I have asked many people about wether or not Freemasons have any connection to the occult (ancient knowledge) and some say yes, others say no.

Does it seem as though many Freemasons give out disinformation as to their beliefs?

For example, Some Freemasons will say that you have to be a monotheist to be a member.

IF that is the case, then why were many members of Freemasonry also members of other occult organizations such as the Rosicrucians.

I myself am a member of the Rosicrucian Order. The Rosicrucians Order is an ancient philosophical and initiatic society. Our meetings are sometimes held at Masonic lodges.. There is no conflict of interest.

Are some Freemasons just oblivious to these facts or do they intentionally give out disinfo to keep things hidden?

I am a member of the IOGT we stem from the Sinclair Family in Scotland. Knight Templar fleeing France married into the Sinclair family. The Rosicrucian and Illuminati continued on the work of the Knights Templar.

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