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Posted on Saturday, December 11, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Tags Size
Tags Size

The Webkinz pet of the month program is an interesting way for girls and boys to experience new pets that Webkinz World features. Webkinz World chooses one lucky Webkinz each and every month to be featured and honors them with special gifts and special events all month long that the Webkinz Pet is Picked. As always Webkinz teaches kids and kids at heart important information about the care of these animals along with lots of other fun and exciting activities.

To start off with, the Webkinz pet of the month needs to be adopted during that month of promotion, not any earlier even though announced prior to actual promotion. Most cases Webkinz World will announce two months ahead of time so you can make arrangements to locate that Webkinz to have ready to adopt. Also keep in mind that it is the exact item like the June Webkinz Pet of the Month is the Pink Pig, so you can’t use the Floppy Pig Webkinz just because it is a Pig, etc. Also not that there are many Lil Kinz webkinz in existence as mentioned in a previous article of ours, but Lil Kinz Webkinz don’t count for the Webkinz Pet of the Month unless specifically chosen to be so. So the Webkinz Pet of the Month is typically for the full sized version Webkinz. If unsure if you have the full sized version, you can check the tags on the animal and if it is the Lil Kinz version, it will say on it that it is the Lil Kinz on the blue tag and on the tush tag. The full size version doesn’t actually say full size on it. There will be one and only one Webkinz Pet of the Month per month for every month of the year. Obviously the program can change at any time, but adopting your new friend and going to the new room will result in receiving free items.

What will come free is the Loot bag found in the room that will reveal what prizes you both have won. There will be one random pet of the month item that is not available anywhere else or to anyone else. Second the loot bag will contain one of the latest recipe foods for your pet, which again aren’t available other than pet of the month. Plus there is more in that loot bag which contains a W-Shop coupon and somewhere between 500 and 1000 KinzCash to be used however desired. Also realize this is the added bonus in addition to normal adoption of a new Webkinz Pet. So there is no additional cost to buying a Pet of the Month vs buying that same Webkinz at any other point during the year other than demand affecting quantities.

And of course the Webkinz Pet of the Month promotion doesn’t just end there. There are lots of special events throughout the month for everyone who has adopted during the Pet of the Month. Again all because you chose to adopt the Webkinz during the special promotion Webkinz World created. Something to keep in mind is if adopting two of the same Pet of the Month is to make sure to select each pet to get each of their loot bags. If on the same account, Webkinz World tries to avoid giving duplicates as the prize to you unless of course you already have all of the items. The loot bags are not Webkinz Pet specific, so if really go for the pet of the month quite often, you wouldn’t have to worry about the duplicates.

So Webkinz Pets of the Month are a relatively inexpensive gift that can open up the doors of communication as girls and boys both tend to love to talk about their Webkinz pets as if they were real. The best part of the Pet of the month program is that there are no additional costs involved, yet get added bonuses with their new friend upon adoption and throughout the month. Your special someone will be taught important information about the care of these animals along with lots of other fun and exciting activities.

Also my 3 and 6 year olds as has become customary is to pat the heads of each webkinz going out and to wish them a safe trip and that they will enjoy their new home. Besides them, please go to:, we like to hear the reactions of the special someone or someones receiving them. It is okay if it is for you. It makes things better since we don’t actually get to meet face to face., We love toys and especially Webkinz. They have brightened up so many peoples’ lives and we are glad to be assisting in that. For more information on Webkinz that we offer.

Do you hate it when people size tag is hanging out of their clothes?

Do you tell them or blow it off or fix it for them?

Some people I’ll fix it for them… kids, Redcorn or my friends
Others I could care less.

Using Guides to Size Images for Gift Tags

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