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Apr 4

Steel Gold

Posted on Monday, April 4, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Steel Gold
Steel Gold

Some watches are made specifically for men, some of the features you may want to look for in a man’s watch include chronograph, time zones, high-tech and sport related features. And watches for men (or gents watches), may have a bigger size diameter watch face, and wider wrist bands compared to women watches.

A watch comprises of, a watch face and wrist band. You can get your watch as a single unit with a watch face and wristband, or you may opt to buy your wrist face and band separately. Your wrist band may be interchangeable or fixed. If your watch face and wrist band are made with metal, they may be non-plated, or plated with another type of metal.

To select a watch for work outdoor or indoor (that is, within the office), you will need to take a few things into consideration. Watches you use outside for work will need to be weather resistant, since they will be exposure to the elements (like the sun ultra violet rays, rain etc), more often than gents watches, you will wear within the fall walls of an office. Working outside also mean, your body will most likely release a lot of sweat and moisture, you will generally need a watch that is more resistant to moisture, or water than a regular office watch too.

A watch face casing can be made from different types of materials including metals (stainless steel, gold, silver etc) and synthetics. A watch wrist band can be made from leather, metals (gold, platinum, stainless steel, titanium) and synthetics too.

Leather may not do very well under prolong exposure to moisture and sunlight, it may fade and can become damaged, and may need a replacement sooner too. A leather wrist band may be ideal for use within an office instead of the outdoor. Leather as a material, does not generally last as long as metals. Stainless steel is heavier than titanium but cheaper. Gold may not hold well under every day use, especially when exposed to the elements too often. Platinum is more durable than gold but more expensive. And synthetics are cheap, but are weather resistant, rubber is the most popular synthetic.

You can combine the right type of watch face and wrist band material, to get the best gents watches for your work indoor or outdoor. Your watch spec will let you know if your watch is water resistant or not. Getting watches for men to work both indoor or outdoor, should be quite easy for you, if you use some of these tips.

need Pfaltzgraff stainless steel flaware with Gold trim?

I have a service for 8 but no serving pieces, any suggestions
or places I could look would be appreciated.
this stainless is a discontinued pattern that I have not found on replacement internet site nor on official site,
Ebay or yahoo. My thinking is possibly someone might want to sell some or have at least seen it to allow me to send an intelligent Email to the Co.
It has small gold trim only in a band pattern.

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Gold Steel

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