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May 21

Galliano Men

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Galliano Men
Galliano Men

Gothic clothing is a method of wearing dress by members of the Goth subculture. It is normally a dark, sometimes morbid fashion and style of dress and the ideal Gothic fashion is dyed black hair, black lips and black clothes.

Normally both male and female Gothic wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernails. Styles are often borrowed from the Punks, Victorians and Elizabethans. Imagery and paraphernalia are also common. Some of the renowned couture designers such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, have been associated with the Gothic style.

Gothic style flourished particularly during the high and late medieval era. The style evolved from Romanesque architecture and was succeeded by Renaissance architecture. Gothic styles can be recognized by the Gothic Clothing, Gothic Shirts, Gothic corsets and Gothic costumes that he or she wears. Such dress codes are liked by males and females even today and they go for such dresses on some special occasions.

This style can be traced back to the 12th century France and over a period of time after evolution reached its apogee in the 16th century. In the late medieval period, the Gothic style was known as primarily the French Style. In fact, the term Gothic appeared first during the latter part of the Renaissance.

According to Wilson, the roots of the contemporary Gothic clothing are found in the Victorian cult of mourning. Gothic fashion can easily be recognized by its stark black clothing (or hair or makeup). This style emerged alongside the Gothic rock scene in the 1980s. Gothic styles are also characterized by deathly pallor, back-combed or black hair, ruffled Regency shirts, stovepipe hats, leather garments, spiked dog collars, the ensemble accessories with religious, magical or macabre jewelry (bone earrings, rosaries, pentacles, ankhs, skulls), typically made from silver etc.

In the words of Ted Phloem’s, a Gothic costume is a “profusion of black velvets, lace, fishnets and leather tinged with scarlet or purple, accessories with tightly laced corsets, gloves, precarious stilettos and silver jewelry depicting religious or occult themes.”

In fact Gothic style was a response against the slick fashions of the 1970’s and a protest against the colorful pastels and extravagance of the 1980’s. Black hair, dark clothing and pale complexions give the basic look of the Goth Dresser. However, Gothic clothing shouldn’t be misconstrued with heavy metal fashion. Gothic style is a blend of modern and traditional designs. offers for new generation Gothic clothing, pirate shirts, Goth clothing, medieval clothing huge collocation and the Goth period clothing fashion. We are also providing women Gothic corset, shirts latest design.

Fashion Magazine Readers. Please help?

I am looking for Fashion readers who, never miss there monthly installment of there favorite Fashion Bible…

If you have the time please would you be able to let me no any information from Fashion Magazines that have done spreads/interviews on these particular designers, If you have the time please let me no the name of the Magazine, the issue, also year/date it was released…

If you have any scanned copies of the particular issue, of a particular interview with that designer please could you email it me at ( i no it is really a lot to ask for but i would really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

Gareth Pugh
Giani Versace
CoCo Chanel
Alexander McQueen
John Galliano (for Christian Dior)
Yves Saint Laurent
please if anyone has any info
Has anyone got more info, please

Vogue & ELLE magazine
my august issue’s had an extra magazine (BOTH) that told my all the latest trends for a/w 2008/9
this is a summary:
The a/w fashion colours are tomato red ,check/tartan but mostly BLACK, with lighter shades added to it like greys ,as many of the designer (a.k.a Prada ,Givenchy,Alexander Mcqueen,Luella,Lavin ,Rodarte,& Yves saint laurent ) went for a soft goth look .Also the folk look is in Gucci ,ralph Lauren & especially dolce & gabbana did a great show .
London looks for make up was alot of dramatic liquid eyeliner ,new york was natural &, simple,Milan was sophisticated ,with red lipstick brown eyeshadow ,red hair,big eyebrows.Paris was all show make up bright colours ,fake eyelashes.
For stye try black lace , pecil skirts ,tweed ,peek-a-boo,couture appeal,country,fur,curves & corners,one shoulder dresses ,frill blouses ,military jacket ,check shirt ,tunics & tailored trousers ( wide leg is back) also pegged trousers & skinny high waist & skinny leather trousers.
Wear costume jewelry ,Chunky jewelry ,a statement.
Baby bags are in & courier satchels.
For shoes its flat shoes brougues high boots & ankle boot
But too be honest it ‘s not all about accessories for a/w .
The september issue of vogue featured karen Elson
The september issue of ELLE featured mary kate olsen

John Galliano Men’s Fall 2011 Fashion Show

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