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May 29

Black Men

Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Black Men
Black Men

Should Obama start forcing Black men to be Fathers to their kids?

60% of black kids are raised without a father because so many younger black men wanna be ignorant thugs and get 9 and 10 different women pregnant and not be fathers to those kids.

Im not talking about all black men i know there’s some great black fathers out there but why won’t the good black men tell the younger thugs to stop being ignorant thugs and start being God loving good black gentlemen.

no one can force a man to be a good father..[obama can’t even act like a can he force young black men act like good dads?]

how about young women have some self-respect & stop laying down for these no good thugs? stop producing children that the loser guys will never see or give a damn about!

White women PAY for sex with black men now…

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