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Sweater Large

Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Sweater Large
Sweater Large

How Do i shrink my Large sweater to a Meduim or Small???

I bought a high-school sweater and it is HUGE on me! How can I shrink it to a Medium or Small? It is BLACK; and i don’t want the color to fade,
plz help me!!!!!!!
thank u! 😀
p.s. should I wash it with other clothes, or alone???

You can’t. These days, clothes don’t shrink, as they wash and dry fabric before working with it so it’s already shrunk (that’s what we do when we make costumes, and most qualty brands do the same). It’s not likely that it’ll get to a medium, and it DEFINITELY won’t shrink to a small, if it shrinks at all. Sorry. Try taking it to a tailor. It’s not that expensive.

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