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Sunglasses Aviator

Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Sunglasses Aviator
Sunglasses Aviator

What face shape goes well with Aviator sunglasses?

I saw a line of aviator sunglasses in the store today, and I’ve always really liked them. However I’m not too sure if look good in them.. I have an oval face, with slightly bigger cheeks and a little bit of a bigger chin. Do you think they’d look ok/good on me? If so, would white frames look good with it? or is black the best way to go?
Thank you! =)

Your in luck becasue aviators look great with practially any face shape!

I actually bought a pair today and I have a round face and still look good with ’em.

As for colors, I think either black or brown is the best way to go because they’ll match any outfit.


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