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Suit Tuxedo

Posted on Monday, April 19, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Suit Tuxedo
Suit Tuxedo

What is the difference between a formal suit and a tuxedo?

I’d like to know the difference in terms of the top clothing. The pants are like the same to me.

What? There is no such thing as a formal suit. Over the years I have been to every sort of occasion that one could imagine and have never seen this. I suppose if one was having an occasion where people who don’t usually wear suits are attending….. or the host is not used to attending such…… one might say “formal suit” indicating wearing a suit. Or if it is a younger crowd this may indicate wearing a real, normal, adult and conservative suit rather than something trendy.

But here’s the thing. There is black tie and that means a tux. Evening formal or formal mean a nice suit. Sure there is morning weddings (a lighter suit) and such but for non-black tie evening events a darker suit is ALWAYS acceptable for anything. No big stripes or anything….. think serious businessman. Not tight but drapes nicely.

A white shirt (nicely pressed) is also the way to go. A maroon or muted red tie and you are good to go anywhere, anytime. It is reminiscent of a tux but fine for any non-blacktie event.

If you really want to look good buy a dress shirt that takes cufflinks. Lots of guys spend a huge amount of money on all of the rest and forget this detail. This makes you look like you are a man who pays attention to detail. They don’t have to expensive…. just cufflinks. It can also make a cheaper suit look more expensive.

Sure I went off a bit but I think with men it is differnent than women. Guys don’t get schooled in all of this stuff like they do.

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