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Suit Black

Posted on Thursday, February 10, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Suit Black
Suit Black

Today the selection of women’s plus size swim wear is both stylish and comfortable. Luckily there are designers like Longitude, Carol Wior, Delta Burke and Miraclesuits who have recognized the need for plus size swim wear to be flattering and fashionable.

I remember years ago when all plus size bathing suits were black. Not only were they boring, I learned that black bathing suits are very hot on the skin and actually black soaks up the heat of the sun. I used to wear black bathing suits to the Caribbean, and even out of the boat and found they were uncomfortable.

Today plus size bathing suit designers like Roxanne, Longitude and Carol Wior use bright and colorful fabrics when they design bathing suits. Actually bright designs and patterns fool the eye much better than black. Patterns and colors help detract from figure flaws much better than black ever could.

Plus size tankinis are a great design. They are available in a variety of midriff coverages and are oh, so comfortable. My favorite suit is my tankini. It fits me perfectly. I don’t have to worry about the seat of the suit riding up, or having to tug on the suit. If you’re looking for a stylish plus size bathing suit you really should consider looking into a two-piece tankini suit.

Another thing you may want to look for in a plus size bathing suit is an underwire bra. I know that I like them much better than soft cup bras. They give me the support that I need.

Speaking of support, if you’re looking for light support you may want to look into Longitude swim wear. Longitude really does have the perfect combination of stretch and support for a truly comfortable fit. I have found Miraclesuits can be a bit suffocating. Miraclesuits are extremely popular. They guarantee that you’ll look ten pounds thinner. They’re made with a fabric called Miratex which as three times more spandex than any other patented fabric. Unfortunately to me Miraclesuits feel too much like a girdle. I tend to like swimsuits that offer both underwire tops and tummy control panels.

There are many different styles of plus size bathing suits on the market and lots of styles. You’ll find “V” necks, keyhole back, high neck, blouson, surplice and ruffle swimsuits. Some women also like the look of skirted swimsuits which can help hide figure flaws.

It’s easy to find the perfect fitting women’s plus size bathing suit on line. Some sites allow you to search for swimwear by color, some by cut, some by size and some by body type. They actually pick out which swimsuit will look best on your shape.

When I find the perfect bathing suit I really take care of it. I rinse it out immediately after I take it off to get any chlorine or suntan lotion out of it. I don’t wear my favorite bathing suit into a hot tub, the chemicals can cause it to fade. A quality plus size bathing suit can cost you $70, $90, even $110. At that price you’re getting a quality swim suit so you’re going to want to take care of it so it lasts.

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Do people in Japan only ever wear a black suit if they’re going to a funeral?

In Britain, wearing a black suit for work is not unusual. From what I’ve been lead to believe, Japanese people will only ever wear a black suit if they’re attending a funeral. For work and any other formal occasion, they will wear tend to wear blue, gray or anything that isn’t black. Is this true or just an exaggeration? Thanks.

There’s a thing called a “recruit suit”. Which is black suit, white shirt and coloured tie. I see it with freshly graduated teachers. They all wear it because blending in is the most important thing to do in their first couple of years.

New teachers travel to school in their suit, change into a tracksuit for teaching and then change back into their suit to say goodbye and go home (as late as possible).

Not Jokes

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