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Style Sunglasses

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Style Sunglasses
Style Sunglasses

The health of your eye is also an indicator of the health of the rest of your body. One of the largest contributors to aging is the process of oxidation. Unprotected sun exposure produces free radicals, as does pesticides, car exhaust, cigarette smoke and household cleaners.

According to Dr. Michael and Marc Rose, authors of Save Your Sight, “An imbalance between free radicals created by oxidation reactions and the antioxidants that neutralize them is one of the common threads of cause and effect this is woven through all the major eye diseases and nearly all of the disabilities and diseases we associate with aging.”

The retinal cells are very vulnerable to the damages of oxidization since they are exposed to ultraviolet light. That is why it is so important to protect our eyes with sunglasses that provide 100% UV-A and UV-B protection.

Blue Blocker Sunglasses

Blue light is especially damaging to the retina. Blue light waves are wavelengths from 400-500 nanometers and are the waves that give the sky its blue color.

Sunglasses that offer protection from blue light, like the Noir glasses are beneficial. Glasses that are tinted orange or amber block blue light. Other colored tinted lenses lets part of the blue spectrum through. However, it is not recommended that you drive with blue light glasses.

These types of sunglasses also help reduce glare and do not make the world darker – so things do appear more visible because of the brightness.

They can be worn as:

1) wrap around glasses that fit over your regular glasses

2) regular frame style as your sunglasses

3) clip ons

You can purchase blue light glasses at your local optical shop or through special catalogs. If you’d like to learn more or see a selection of blue blocker sunglasses click here:

Leslie Degner, RN,BSN

Better Health For Better Vision

Where can I get 60’s style rectangular granny sunglasses?

I have been looking for a pair of Roger McGuinn (Byrds) style rectangular granny style sunglasses. I remember them being the “in” thing in around ’66. I am in a 60’s rock band and think they would be perfect.
The glasses I’m looking for are VERY small rectangles with metal frames. Google Roger McGuinn of the Byrds and you will see exactly what I’m after.

I know what you are looking for , but They have to be called something else. all the granny sunglasses I come up with are round. I tried rectangular 1966 also & I am thinking those aren’t it either. Good luck, I hope someone can find them for you*

LOL check these out are they it.. !! – 43k – Cached – Similar pages

Review: Foster Grant Celebrity Inspired Style Sunglasses

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