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Steel Magnetic

Posted on Sunday, May 23, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Steel Magnetic
Steel Magnetic

The function of a door is to allow entry and exit into an area still it must furthermore give protection from the elements when it is shut. Steel doors are a great method of providing security from intruders and fires. Also you will not have to worry about it rotting or being attacked by insects. Here is how to install a steel door by yourself.

Required Tools:

-Pry bar

-Drill and bit set


-Screw driver

Required Materials:

-Steel frame and door

-2 inch screws


-Wall board

-Wall board tape


-2×4 stock

-Plaster skim coating

-Metal studs


If you are replacing an existing door, the first step is to remove the existing molding. Use the pry bar to remove the molding from the wall until all the molding right around is removed. Take the screw driver and screw out the hinge pins and take out the hinges and the door; use the drill or pry bar to remove the door frame, sills and jams. Of course if there was no door in the doorway, there is no need for this step.

Next comes the framing of the wall; ensure that the wall around the door is structural and set the frame in position. Nail a pair of 2×4 stocks together and put them inside the wall as a brace. Take out the studs on either side of the steel door frame and replace them with the metal ones and then screw the studs straight into the existing sill using the screws. Do the same to the header wall frame.

For the placing of the new steel door you will need the aid of another person. With the aid of your companion set the door in front of the opening and then tilt it up and into position. Level the door with the shims and fit it into position; the door and frame might come with interior supports to keep the door straight and square.

Using the shims set the door in position between the jambs and level it by adjusting the shims on either side. Use the 2-inch screws to screw the lockset side of the frame to the metal stud, just screwing the screws in about halfway and then screw in the hinge side of the frame also halfway. Move the shims to ensure the door is still level and plumb and opens easily and then tighten the screws. When the door is firmly in position remove the 2×4 frame braces.

Your steel door is now put in and all that is left is to patch the wall around the door where required and remove the old wallboards and nail the new wallboard in position against the door frame. Plaster and tape the boards and you are done.


The level and plumb readings may change a bit while you screw the door and frame into the metal studs therefore look out for this and make modifications as necessary while you go along.

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Since SS is a steel. Why it is non-magnetic,even below curie point?

Stainless steel is a steel.
contains cromium and larger proportion of iron content.Why it is non magnetic?

Just to add to LD’s very good answer… Another odd thing about SS magnetism is that it depends on the metallurgical condition. If you have a SS kitchen sink, check it out with a magnet. You will probably find that some regions of the sink are magnetic and some are not. It was all formed out of a single sheet of SS so the composition is what it is and there are not regions that are 400 series and other regions that are 300 series alloys. The different is the deformation some areas underwent during the forming of the sink from a flat sheet. Metallurgy can be a fascinating thing.

Magnet Repels Steel??? Part 1 of 2

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