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Squeeze Dog

Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Squeeze Dog
Squeeze Dog

my dog has had milk coming out when i squeeze her nipples and i feel her pups moving how far do you think she?

she is a little bit more aggressive towards my children then normal.she uses the bathroom more then normal.she is lazy too. she don’t eat that much anymore she did eat a little bit today.

First thing you need is a quiet place with little light where she can go and feel safe away from children and other distractions. She needs rest, peace and quiet at this time and until the puppies are up and about. Make sure she has access to plenty of fresh water in that quiet place and offer her small amounts of wet dog food at regular intervals. Make sure that the floor is covered with newspaper that can be easily destroyed after the whelping is over then the best bedding that I find useful is old towels. These can be washed in very hot water and re-used. If as you say the puppies are moving around then the birth could be fairly close and that would explain her irritability. Watch her very closely from now and make sure that she has access to the chosen area at all times and your children are kept well away and not allowed to disturb her in any way. Only allow them near under close supervision as you do not want to upset the mother or make her feel insecure with the puppies. Please don’t squeeze her nipples any more as they will be very tender. Try and be close by when she does go into labour in case of complications that need human intervention. Ideally you should read up on whelping and the care of new puppies and there are many good books on the market but speak to your vet and get advice from there. Ignore all of these arseholes that rant on about BYB as they don’t have an f…ing clue what they are on about. It is just the ‘in thing’ to rant about at the moment. Best of luck with the litter.

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