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Socks Black

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Socks Black
Socks Black

Poll: How many people actually care about wearing black socks with black pants?

I just wanted to take a poll of how many people out there actually care about wearing black socks with black pants? The reason I was wondering was because I was getting dressed for a band concert and I didn’t put on black socks with the pants. My mom saw and make a big deal about how people would see and they didn’t want to be embarassed because someone might notice the socks! First off, I disagree that people would even see the socks, but even if anybody did see, I don’t think they would care. How many adults would be shocked to see white socks with black pants?

Black pants do look better with black socks;it elongates the line of the leg.It is not a big sartorial no-no to wear white with black though;the director of the movie Funny Face,Stanley Dolan,wanted Audrey Hepburn to wear black sweater,skinny black pants,white socks and black shoes to emphasize the dance movements she was performing.The white socks kept her from fading in the background and kept eyes on her fast-moving feet.But,Audrey Hepburn was very slim,elegant,impeccably put together and the look is very hard to pull off.
And, a word to the wise;when one sits down,one’s pants legs do ride up and socks are visible;the vary elegant Cary Grant knew this and always wore socks that covered his legs past the shins so that there would be no hairy leg- gap showing whenever the legs were crossed!

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