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Sleeve Paul

Posted on Saturday, April 10, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Sleeve Paul
Sleeve Paul

Long sleeve polo shirts, in the hands of a strategist, can be far more than an essential part of a wardrobe – they can also prove to be a potent advertising instrument, if customised and used properly. Here are the advantages of them as a potential promotional tool…


o With the usual changes in the seasons it is important to have two sets of uniforms: one for the warmer months and another for the colder ones. Polo shirts with long sleeves are comfortable and warm, and also easy to maintain;

o Even though the modern office is well heated, and can boast an equitable temperature even when it is – 20C outside, you will find that the long sleeves of these shirts still give the wearers a feeling of comfort and psychological protection.

o Long sleeve polo shirts will make an excellent seasonal present for favoured customers, partners, employees, clients and even simple visitors. Give out these shirts in the first days of autumn, when everyone is still trying to adapt to the changing and usually unpleasant climate. The recipients will appreciate your caring attitude, and the thought of your company will be ever afterwards be associated with the warmth of your present.

o This type of polo shirts is a great choice for outdoor events in autumn and the early spring months: whether playing football or tennis, sitting by the fire, climbing in the mountains or walking along the seashore, people in these shirts will not only be more comfortable, but also spread the message about your company.

o During colder seasons, use long sleeve polo shirts as giveaways: it will be a pleasant surprise for everybody who visits your presentation, your trade show, fair, exhibition, seminar, sale, training courses and so on.


o These polo shirts provide you with an excellent opportunity to promote your organisation due to the universal nature of this type of clothing: people use these shirts while working in the garden, visiting friends, shopping, riding a bicycle, going to a party, practicing sports, having a picnic etc. They are perfect as casual wear, and at the same time they do not look odd in professional circles. For this reason a branded shirt can be the guarantee of your success in promotional strategy.

o There are lots of variations as to the location of your logo on long sleeve polo shirts: you can put it not only on the chest, collar or back, but also use the whole length of the sleeves. Your message can be equally nice and effective closer to the shoulder or to the wrist.

o This type of shirt goes exceptionally well with pockets, which gives one yet another effective location for your logo. Use a nice colour combination of the shirt, pocket and a brilliant design – and the result will be even more rewarding.


o Polo shirts with long sleeves will also add a respectable and professional look to your organization, as a person in a traditional outfit always gives an impression of reliability, confidence and professionalism.

o If you replace traditional cotton, polyester or cotton bland with silk, a casual shirt can turn into elegant and sophisticated wear for corporate party and will be highly appreciate by the women of the company.

The opportunities presented by long sleeve polo shirts are countless, and the intelligent businessman will undoubtedly manage to avail himself of them.

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What’s one of your favourite parts in the movie Help! with The Beatles?

One of my favourite parts is the bathroom scene! Lol so funny how Ringos sleeve gets sucked into the blow dryer and then Paul’s does too! And then Paul grabs onto the sink to get up and the sink breaks and the water just goes everwhere! And then John and George come in and their sleeves get sucked in too! That’s so funny!

OMG!!!! I love that movie!!!!!
I like that part too, so funny I almost pee my pants!
My favorite part is when Paul turns into tiny Paul and then it goes from there all CRAZY!!!!!

Have you ever seen Hard Day’s Night?
It’s sooooo funny!!!!

Paul Dabek – Nothing up my sleeve! – Rope.

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