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Size Xxl

Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Size Xxl
Size Xxl

When choosing a wetsuit one of the most important factors to consider is the fit and cut of a wetsuit. How the neoprene fits and sits against the body is a key factor in the overall performance, especially flexibility.

The wetsuit must not be too tight on the limbs, shoulders or chest as this will restrict flexibility and cause un-comfort. Make sure the arms are not restricted in any way and can move freely. If the feeling of force against movement of the arms and shoulders is present and doesn’t feel natural then the wetsuit is more than likely too tight. Signs to look out for are difficult to stand up straight, shoulders are forced inwards, trouble breathing or if the wetsuits hurts in anyway. These are the signs the wetsuit is too tight.

Having a loose fit wetsuit causes water to enter frequently. Wetsuits are designed to hold water between the body and the neoprene layer. This water warms up against the body and acts as a thermal insulation layer. When a wetsuit is too loose fresh cold water can enter the suit on a regular basis and the insulation layer turns into the opposite by keeping the temperature low.

For best fit the neoprene should rest firmly against the skin without any air in between. If you can see big gaps of air filled folds in the fit or can pull the neoprene away from your body easily then chances are the suit is too loose.

To cater for the varying body shapes and sizes, wetsuits come in a number of different sizes ranging from really small fits to tall and triple xl sizes. The normal sizing structure applies, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large, but because the sizes of the wetsuits cover the body from neck to ankle and they need to be a more exact fit, the manufacturers introduced sizes that apply specifically to wetsuits. The main difference is the application of small, tall or large to regular sizes. For example ST stands for Small Tall, MS for medium small and ML for medium large.

Here’s a list of the most common wetsuit sizes available:


The more common sizes of medium and large cater for the biggest share of people and these sizes have been broken down the most into sub sizes:

MS – Medium Small for someone requiring shorter sleeves and legs.

MT – Medium Tall designed for a taller shape of average weight.

ML – Medium Large for a body that carries a fuller heavier build but of normal height.

LS – Large Small is usually for shorter sleeves and legs.

LT – large tall is for someone tall for his weight requiring longer arms and legs.

Remember that new and dry wetsuits will feel snugger than ones that have been well used and are wet.

For more information on wetsuits and wetsuit sizes please visit

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