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Posted on Friday, December 10, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Size Medium
Size Medium

can i power a medium size airconditioner from a power inverter using a 12v 96 ah battery and a 1000w inverter

i want to power my 1000w medium size air conditioner which is in my loungeroom that faces east from a 1000w power inverter using 1 or 2 12v 96ah batterys to save on electricity will this work ok and how long will the batterys last? because i am thinking of buying a solar panel to keep the battery topped up.

Do the math. A medium size AC will be approx 5000 BTU’s and draw approximately 10 amps at 120V. That is 1,200 watts of power used not including the start surge current. 12 v battery at 96 AH rating is the equivalent of 12 V x 8 amps over one hr period which equals 96 AH.

So the inverter may burn out on overload and if not it will not supply proper voltage to AC and the AC may burn out. Either way the answer remains no it will not work nor save electricity

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