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Silver Necklace

Posted on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Silver Necklace
Silver Necklace

Is it possible to engrave my initials on a sterling silver necklace?

I went to a jeweler who told me that engraving sterling silver is bad because it would come out black. but they suggested that I ask around and see if other jewelers could do it.
Can i get my necklace engraved, or would it just come out black?

Hi there,,,,

Well, it is not a question of it coming out black, but a question of the sterling silver continuing to tarnish as sterling silver does. The engraving would always tend to be tarnished and it would really be hard to get into the engraved crevices. It does make sense. Of course you can have it engraved, as there is quite a bit of engraving on sterling silver flutes…. but again, the engraving does tarnish and then the words do turn black. The only way to get into the crevices is to take the piece to the jewelers… but you would be doing that all of the time with your necklace. If you really want to have it engraved, it is your piece and now you know what to expect about it tarnishing.

Thanks for reading.
Flute teacher with lots of experience in dealing with sterling silver.

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