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Silver Mens

Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Silver Mens
Silver Mens

Possessing sterling silver chains is a matter of great pride and value. However, at the same time these must be taken care of very well otherwise these chain can catch rust or any other defects due to their chemical reaction with air bond particles. Here are some of the ways you can keep your sterling silver chains clean as good as new always.

Proper Daily Care

One must follow a proper daily care routine. For that, you must clean your chain with a lint-free polishing fabric every day after use. If you had applied perfume near the area of chain on your skin then you must first wash it with water, pat dry and then follow the polishing process. This daily maintenance would help clean excessive oil, fingerprints, and dirt on a regular basis.

Weekly Care

After every week of regular use you must use a cleaning solution which is free of ammonia and also has a balanced PH level and an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the chains. This will help to clean the surface for stains from perfume, oil, lotions, or dirt after a prolonged week. It is advisable to use a thin brush in order to clean all the hard to reach corners of the chain, if it has an intricate design as in the case of a rope or snake chain.

Use Home Remedies

For some metals you can also use eco-friendly, easily available or homemade solutions such as lime water and toothpaste. For cleaning silver chains, toothpaste is the best cleaning agent. For brass and copper metals you can use a solution of vinegar and salt.

Air-Tight Storage

To increase the life span of your jewelry you must make sure to store it in a cool, dry and air tight place as humidity and heat can have adverse effects on your precious ornaments or chains.

Use Polishing Pads

When the chains get tarnished, you can use the polishing pads which are very easily available in the market. These pads are usually embedded with micro-abrasives that help eliminating any tarnish or excessive dirt from the chains.

The above ideas can prove to be extremely useful if you wish to keep your jewelry in a good condition. A proper care is a must for such precious and delicate things. It must be a habit to clean the jewelry chains on a regular basis. The aforementioned easy ways can help you sustain your sterling silver chains for as long as you would wish to without worrying about them looking old and dirty.

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