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Silver Gold

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Silver Gold
Silver Gold

How to tell quick if jewelry is real, fake, silver, gold, etc.? 10pts…?

How can you tell if jewelry is real or fake, silver, gold, diamonds, etc.?
What should I immedieately look for? I would like to be able to go to a second hand store or garage sale and look at jewelry and be able to know if its worth buying or for how much.
Also, sometimes there is a number (925) usually engraved.
Any information, tips, advice would be great.

the 925 denotes sterling silver, solid.

The best you can do is get yourself a 10x loupe. That way you can look for those mentioned stamps which will tell you what metal you have, unless the items are really old/antique. They usually don’t have stamps and it’s very hard to recognize what and how old they are. With your loupe, you can also look at the gemstones. Real gemstones usually have inclusions, little spots, feather like inclusions etc. If the stones are absolutely perfect, they are either expensive gems or synthetic ones. Clear stones could be anything. With your loupe you can find out, if the stone has some wear (scratches or facets that are softened). Glass is very soft and will scratch easily. BUT you can only determine diamonds with a diamond tester. Cubic zirconia/Topaz/ other clear stones will look just about similar. Other than that, gemstones are quite difficult to judge.

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