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Silk Stripes

Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Silk Stripes
Silk Stripes

A necktie is a long piece of cloth which is worn around the shoulders or neck. It is usually worn under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat. Different types of tie include the bow tie, the ascot tie, clip on tie and the bolo tie. Modern neckties are descended from the cravat.

Neckties do not come in any particular sizes although some ties may be longer than others. They are generally worn by boys and men and are seen as part of regular office wear. Neckties are also worn as part of a uniform, for instance, school, military, police etc. Some people wear neckties to be fashionable.

Neckties are very popular the world over and there is a huge range of ties available in all sorts of colours, patterns and designs etc., however the basic shape of the necktie remains the same.

Woven ties can be created by using an all over pattern or a one logo placement pattern. The woven fabric is hand crafted and then cut and sown. This process gives an extremely attractive and pleasing look and is of superior quality. Woven ties may be traditional style or a more contemporary style, and can be made to a customer’s specific design.

Woven silk ties are available in many different patterns and some of the patterns can include:

o Animals: American military: Dots

o Emblematic: Flowers: Geometric shapes

o Herring bone

o Jacquard stripes

o Oxford weave

o Plaids: Reppe stripes

o Solid colour: Solid satins

The construction of a woven tie can include anything from a standard three fold tie to a six or seven fold tie, and if required an eight fold tie. Some styles use a hand rolled edge for a soft natural look. The underside of the tie is generally made from the same silk as the upper side or main part of the tie. However a contrasting silk can be used if the customer so wishes.

Most woven ties are made entirely by hand, and the keeper (tie lining) is sewn into the seam so that it will last for years. The back of the tie is then carefully sewn closed with a slip stitch and two bar tacks. This enables the tie to gently move when worn and stretches when untied or knotted.

Ties can be made to any length shape or width that is requested by the customer, including the number of folds, six fold or seven fold ties. Seven fold ties are Italian styled ties. A high quality woven silk tie can take up to three months to produce if it is custom made, and the superior quality, look and feel of the tie is reflected in this process.

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Where can I find 1 1/2 – 2 inch striped black and white silk or satin?

I desperately need it to make my prom dress and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. So far Hancock, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and numerous sites have nothing even close to what I need. So any help would be greatly appreciated. : ] I’d prefer silk or satin, but at this point anything somewhat shiny and nice will do.

do a google search

Painting stripes that bleed

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