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Silk Men

Posted on Saturday, August 21, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Silk Men
Silk Men

Ask men of all origins about who are the most beautiful women and you can guarantee that most will include several of the world’s most gorgeous black ladies in their list. With their huge dark eyes, full lips and typically flawless skin in a whole range of shades from honey to deep ebony, it is no wonder that black women have such enormously seductive appeal.

Aside from the other naturally beautiful features that they are born with, the skin tones of black women in many ways leaves them at a huge advantage over their paler skinned counterparts. Not only can they usually get away with a much wider range of colors, but in many cases they can use stronger, bolder shades which make a really striking and eye-catching statement but would make a blue-eyed blonde look totally washed out. Strong designs too, often look better against a background of smooth dark skin, allowing black women to achieve a certain flamboyance which would be overstated on those with fairer skin.

The hand painted designs which are created in the production of handmade silk scarves and hand-dyed silk shawls lend themselves extremely well to dark-skinned women because both the colors and the patterns are strong. Unlike with the mass-produced alternatives, the range of colors which are used is far wider and takes in the whole palette of shades and hues, so that matching them perfectly to skin tone, hair color or particular outfits is very much easier. As each design is unique too, the wearer of one of these gorgeous accessories can make her own individual statement about who she is and her own personal style and taste. The smooth 100% silk which goes into the making of handmade scarves and shawls is another reason why these work so well on black women, as the fabric adds even more glow to dark skin, giving the wearer an irresistible luminescence and radiance.

Black hair also makes for an amazing foil for a stunning and brightly-colored handmade scarf, and these gorgeous accessories worn in the hair are particularly attractive on dark-skinned women. As in many cases black women have thick hair whose texture is less fine, the silk fabric tends to slip less and so they can be far more creative in terms of the style of wearing.

The luxury of handmade silk scarves and shawls is something which is though, appreciated by all women, regardless of their origin. Just the very look and feel of them, not to mention the knowledge that so much talent and work has gone into their production, makes you feel pampered and special and ‘worth it’. The look of stunning elegance and sophistication that they create on women of all ages, shapes and sizes is one which causes them to be the centre of attention wherever they are seen. Their sheer versatility and affordability, meanwhile, makes them an essential item in any discerning woman’s closet.

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Where can i find high-end silk scarfs for men? Please read on.?

Im looking for a Bandana-shaped Silk Scarf that can be tied around the neck… seen in Scarface. Where can i get the fabric to have one made?

I’ve seen a lot of men here wear stuff like this here in Japan…the land of trendiness.

I would have to say check out Burberry, Brooks Brothers or POLO.

Good luck!

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  1. Yo people… thx, but why oh why does this underwear seem to be green??

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