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Shutter Shades

Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Shutter Shades
Shutter Shades

What do you think about shutter shades?

I was about to get myself shutter shades ( the original one without the lens) today but I had to ask some opinions.
Like I know what matters the most is that I like them but would it be kind of ridiculous to wear them in public? I am in 8th grade and I’d be the first one wearing them? Like give me your opinions on the shutter shades and if you saw anyone with it recently?

shutter shades are cool 🙂
they suit some people more than others. If people at your school know about them or are Kanye West fans they’ll think it’s kinda cool.
Don’t wear them like ALL the time though, my friend has some -but she just wears them to parties and dances and stuff.
they have glow-in-the-dark ones too!! 🙂

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